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Up a free 15 minute phone. Call it any of her 10 offices. Go to Paul Winkler dot com. That's Paul Winkler dot com. Hey, it's Pamela for for the doctors at the Doctor Gilles Center. They are experts and spinal and degenerative disc issues. And where the very first offer decompression technology to Nashville at the Doctor Gil Center, you get an entire team of health care professionals. So you can put your pain in the hands of experience. 39 bucks gets you a full exam. X rays and findings and your first treatment. Don't take a pill. Call Dr Gill 794 800. That's the doctor Gilles Center for back neck and chronic pain relief in Franklin today in school. I learned a lot. In chemistry. We're not no one likes me. In English. I learned that I'm disgusting. And in physics, I learned that I'm a loser today in school, I learned that I'm ugly and useless. And Jim Allen that I'm pathetic in a joke in history, I learned that I'm track today in school. I learned that I have no friends in English. I learned that I make people sick and at lunch, I learned that I sit on my own because I smell in chemistry. I learned that no one in biology blended I'm fat and stupid and in math. Linda, I'm trash. The only thing I didn't learn in school today. Only thing I didn't learn today. Anything I didn't learn. Is why no one ever helps. Kids witnessed bullying every day. They want to help, but they don't know how to teach them how to stop bullying and be more than a bystander at Stop bullying dot gov's a message from the ad council. Hey, kids! Let.

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