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Setting New Vision in New Forces because you know I've got that muscle memory but it's like is still a human and the idea of failing embarrassing myself for like putting myself in a position of need or risk is still actually really. Siri to me I just got a little bit jaded because not jaded. I'm a little bit biased. Because I just got home from To Gonda where eight fourteen of our top sellers so our products are sold through. Saco fellows so these are women in their community. They are selling the product. They're styling their friends. They're earning income Off of the products that they're selling so were were building. This amazing team in Uganda. Were also building this incredible team in the United States of of women who are coming together and getting to see my two teams together. Getting to see my Uganda production. Getting to see my sales team and seeing the relationship in the joy in the connection I've just like totally on fire on fire for Frankly right now. We're in a place. Where are are you gonNA team is just freaking rocket? Like they're our executive team over there. They just run the show. They know what's up and they're really putting out the challenge to ask are we. Did our part. We build a best in class manufacturing company. We handle a lot. What do you got for really issuing the challenge here on the US side of things to kick it up into grow the fellows program and to continue to welcome new women into our community over on this side? And so I would say when I think about the next ten years. We HAVE OUR FOUNDING FELLOWS WALL IN UGANDA IN. It has the list of the first five hundred fellows that ever joined us and it's cool just as a beautiful visual dislike global team that we're creating and at the idea of getting to grow that community so that we can grow the opportunity now not just in Uganda. We work in Uganda ups Peru India so really seeing the global impact that we as a community are able to have a have me on all sorts of fire and then I think you really with the book. The process of the book was like how I know. I have this thing through. Seko that I'm like. Hey you wanna make an impact in the world. But you're not quite sure how just come along and we'll we'll give you every step for how to find community Beautiful in act so I have that in then I also recognize that. There's everybody and I don't care if you're a stay at home mom if your doctor your graphic designer like I truly believe that each and every one of us were created on purpose in four purpose in helping to teach in walk alongside encourage people in Hannah tap into that Is Is it a real passion of mine? It has developed really over the last few years I think is going to be one of the guiding actions of my next ten years of like okay. I have this journey. I learned so much a lot of what beginners clock is about is this. I think a lot of the messages that we're getting in our current culture about finding your passion and draining big are actually Rina's in their creating offensive in society in this analysis paralysis and so I just feel so passionate in on fire about helping demystified for people and encourage encouraging equipping them to go out and build their own lives of purpose impassioned impact. Well I am on that train with you so I am so excited for all. The things you are doing isn't really fun for me to follow these last couple of years and see SACO grow in your book expanded reach so many people. I love what you guys are doing. I love everything you guys are creating the mission you have in so it's finally look back Thinking about the days of living in the car rushing McDonald's now I will say getting the first breakfast sandwich off the line. They're pretty good. I'm being honest works to that. You see that this is totally random. I did you see that they have McDonald's scandal. No I should send you there. It is Liz. Thank you so much for sharing your last seeing Jamie. This is such a blast and love this concept in what you're doing..

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