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At a nearby hospital where two people dropped him off and left, Twenty-four-year-old von cannon phases. One count of homicide by negligent, handling of a weapon, his brother Twenty-four-year-old Giovane cannon faces one count of leaving storing a loaded firearm, your child, and those are the headlines sports. No surprise in the NBA draft last night. An emotional Zion Williamson went number one overall to the New Orleans pelicans, the bulls ended up with a point guard, and they need one Koby white seventh overall to the bulls play this freshman year at North Carolina. The all time leading score. In Carolina history for a freshman bulls, also grabby a big man in the second round number thirty eight overall as the bulls tabbing Daniel Gifford out of Arkansas cubs winter at Wrigley over the Mets seven to four rookie advert Elza away, making his debut yesterday out of the bullpen and pitching incredibly, well, getting a standing ovation from the Wrigley crowd as he left in the ninth inning cubs won their last two up a game and a half now in the central the brewers lost once again, carbon WGN sports with issue goes furniture store, celebrating seventy four years this August now. Here's more news. Their friends and family sale is extended their best sale of the year starts with a five hundred dollar coupon than take up to twenty percent off. Hit your five hundred dollar coupon right now, Smith dot com slash Steve. S T H, E dot com slash S. T E. And if you'd like to spread out your payments Smith card offers eighteen months special financing, and Walter Smith's design team. Is complimentary free design expertise and guidance with your purchase. If you're thinking about enough Grady living space. Don't miss the Smith, friends and family sale complimentary designed service five hundred dollars off your purchase right off the bat with your coupon and up to twenty percent off plus eighteen months financing with guard. You gotta hurry. This sale will end June thirtieth dismiss dot com slash Steve. Smith dot com, SMI THE dot com slash S. T. Get coupon. Stop by any of the ten Chicago area. Walter Smith's showrooms. This is actually four eight year rental property Palatine? This was work. That was done on the kitchen and bathroom as well as the work on the floors, the kitchen for resurfacing would force. They did that really. Well, there was something like that. The renters like the lot just reconfigure the stole that was in there. We are talking today with maybe customer, Chris. Idell palatine. Because I was able to contact people right away. The one big shout out to John Thomas. The project manager on this and he was telling me every step of the way what was going on, or any changes that he was able to let me know what the chief is were. It was an excellent experience. Very highly recommended company, definitely have with all the work that bigoted, one mega call does it all? Eight four seven six five eighty nine eighty nine. Pros dot com..

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