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Does that better than the tool drive. But you also have to put the big picture together. You have to put the picture together from the Green. Fight the checkered flag. So and a lot of things can happen in the middle of their thanks Ryan and we got Jeremy McGrath up next right here on the down and dirty radio show powered by. Polaris Razor whether you're looking for a tire that balances high-performance responsiveness and traction in Wet in light. Snow conditions excellent handling and traction and wet and dry conditions or summer performance tire design with a driving enthusiast in mind general tire. Has you covered from the all new G. Max RS? Two the grabber eighty x no matter what you drive general tire will get you where you're going. Learn more at general tire dot COM general tire cruising with the down and dirty radio show since two thousand twelve looking to have some fun on four wheels. Dirk this rally school. Has you covered packing as much adrenaline and adventures. You can handle into high performance. All-wheel drive and rear wheel drive. Subaru Rally cars is where the fun begins dirt. Fish just thirty minutes outside of Seattle and Snoqualmie. You'll get a chance to train up to three full days with some of the country's best instructors and be put through the high-octane Russia rally on mud dirt and tarmac. It started today. Call four to five eight. Eight hundred seventy seven fifteen or visit US online at Turkish DOT COM and use code. Nine one for fifteen percent discount. You're listening to the down and dirty radio show powered by Polaris Razor. All killer. No filler welcome back to the down and dirty radio show like to welcome my good friend. Jeremy Mcgrath through the show. We were just talking off air. Finally man it's been a long time coming but stoked to finally have y'all buddy man. Thanks for me. Yeah. It's been a long time coming what we were talking about that. We've been trying to set up for quite a few years now but it's definitely Time to knock it off the list so thanks for having me yeah. I'm already my wheels already. Turn and I know like this This past week I went out and spent spend a day with Brian Deegan and we sat down. We talked for like almost an hour and a half two hours on his whole career and things like that and been fortunate to be able to do that with Ken. Block and Pastrana and I'm like now like now you're going to get a text me. Jeremy when do we get to knock this deal out? I want to come and sit down and bring a film crew and knock out a whole like talk about your whole career in Spanish. Can't do that on the national show. And I'm like we'll click and man. Yeah well this is a a nice start to it but we put that together no problem at all. So we got you on the show in good reason man Dude coming out of nowhere. Lucas offered racing series sweep in the weekend man. I know you had a good run at crandon. How fortunate to be able to call that but I mean I know this whole to pro to image thing I know you saw. Maybe a little bit of opening their where you could sneak in and run up front and do pretty well but you do sweep in a weekend. You couldn't have saw that coming man. Well no I definitely didn't see it coming you know. It's true like what a month ago I wanted to be there for. Crandon you know this year. I stopped chasing the point series in the Lucas series so I had raised the series for eight years finally won the championship. Just so pumped got the protei titled in Seventeen Eighteen we kind of decided all right. This would be the last year that'll chase the points and then for nineteen season figured all right. Let's work on the truck. Get it ready They like you said they have the new pro to 'em which is the SPEC engine little smaller blocks and So when I decided we were going to Cranston for the fiftieth I was like all right. Let's build the truck and put the smaller engines so we can race with all the proteins that are back there and I didn't didn't want to have to use the open. Motor like we had used in the past so it's time to change it up and Cranwell so we were like all right well. Let's let's take this going on and see how it goes and Obviously I was pretty confident in my truck and we went out and tested a few times and got it sorted out and I was like. Oh the things. Pretty good and But yeah I mean to be able to sweep the week and I hadn't. I'm not sure I've ever done that. Short-course so it was a pretty pretty amazing weekend. Well that's going to be pretty cited. We're GONNA see you at In Phoenix at the finale. Now I mean the Cup races are limited extra money on the line there too I've gotten that question probably a hundred times last week and the answer is no I You know I promised myself you know. Look you know my career and you know. My story raced race motorcycles. Rvs trucks a little bit of everything my whole life and I just sin as I stopped chasing the championship. I said we're GONNA do stuff that makes sense that we can do great promotion and and Hook up our partners like Maxon icon and rigid. And and you know all the people that are really helping me and I think it's you know like hey if we can have some fun and and go do it. That's what we're GONNA do and You know we came to Glen. Helen had a phenomenal weekend. It was just. I mean you can't dream in those kind of weekends so We went day but what our plan was never to go to Arizona. You know our plan was never get make it to the finals. We Wanted to raise Glen Helen and and it went well and so she. Everyone can sit on that one for a while you know. Yeah I know you see a lot of guys kind of move into to something like that. You've been on the road for your entire life. You know whether it be chasing supercross cut across titles and then obviously you've mentioned there with running seven years in pro too but you know you feel like that's you know there's I don't know to me there's probably a little bit more happiness in that right where you're not having to worry about every weekend and you can just show up three or four times a year and and have some fun and you know you can run up front it to me. It's got up. Maybe there's a little more fulfilling that way too. Well I mean certainly last weekend was super fulfilling. I mean I hadn't raced my truck in eight months and With the exception driving CRAN and a couple of weeks before so You know it's I think he just at this point. The world is so media driven and we have some different style. Things we can do videos and and you know we can all sort of think can block for that kind of avenue that we've been using lately and You know so. I'm not sure I'm not sure I think for our team and our partners we can get more eyeballs on. Just doing one off stuff and You know last weekend like I said the gun hill is crazy. We went out and won the race qualified. I and both days and I mean the guys I normally raced with. I never even saw on the weekend. So that was that was pretty crazy and You know it's one of those things. I know that in the in the future. They're going to be moving. Everyone's probably going to be moving down to the small engine and and the whole class will be together again which which racing will be just crazy insane again but Last weekend was great and to be able to just have a nice weekend like that and be able to walk away and go all right. Let's what's our next plan and you know that's a good feeling. Yeah you know I gotta go back to you mentioned krant and how is that going to? Cran YEARS I. I've been fortunate to pass through us to be to kind of call the racist back there and stuff but it's a dude is a zone boy going back there to to watch that. That's that's gotta just be a little bit insane man. Well you know if you don't if you remember years ago it wasn't I mean I knew I'd always wanted to get back to crandon but it wasn't I wasn't sucker fish out of water on this last trip because I had raised for Johnny Greaves in the Monster Toyota team years back. Maybe nine years ago I started racing trucks and so I had the opportunity to race crane and a few times and You know I I can imagine I mean I remember my first time going there. I was just like what the world is crazy with that first corner with the Land Restaurant. I mean it's it is. It really is amazing. An amazing place but I always ready. I mean I was ready and when I went there my my. I was ready to run up front. And that's what we did. Almost I mean. We got two podiums out of the three races that we raised in to get that podium in the cup race was this. I mean way more than we ever expected so but I knew we had a fast track so it was just get some good starts and see if we can lead laps and and that's what we did so it was great weekend. I mean when you go to crandon versus everything else. You're Kinda like wow you definitely know. You're at the pinnacle. Yeah it's yeah and I think it's hard to even explain it to people who haven't actually been there but it's just like you said it you just walk in and it's like I've been to the five hundred Quite a few times and you walk into Cran. I get the same feelings like you. Just know you're someplace special you know and I think that's yeah I was just about it you know and you know I I think that out on the West Coast. We have a lot of action. We have a lot of racing a lot of desperation. And even you know we've had short-course over the last you know however many years but I just don't think you can get that type of facility anywhere out west so I mean yes. Cranston is a monster awesome track awesome race but just to be able to go there and see that property and be able to drive there and and see those kind of speeds with that kind of crowd and I mean that. That's that's exactly why we all you know what it's funny you talk about the facility. As I've driven back through the campground staffer feel like it just keeps going deeper and deeper into the woods and he'd just like you never see the end of it. It's like yeah there's more people there's more people like. Wow what are these people coming from? Yeah that that is for sure man you you walk back there or are you cruise. Background could bike or even a side-by-side whatever man. Yeah it's pretty unbelievable what you can find the net campground one. I know you were pretty busy this weekend with doing some stuff with Kawasaki. You're still involved with the brandman dealer Shou. That's a pretty big announcements coming out of Kawasaki this week. Yeah it's funny. I was just talking about the guy that runs. My you know help. Senior Management Team. He's like you've been super busy this week and it's funny Sunday was going on and then Monday morning was a Kawasaki Dealer Convention Palm Desert. So went home. That night woke up five. Am TO SPLIT. Go Down had to be down in Palm Desert eight o'clock so Y- really hasn't stopped sake shows going this week. Obviously with a huge announcement this week with the new tariffs K R X one thousand. And that's the new side by side for Kelly and It's the introductions ingrate so in fact I'm sitting here looking at one right now. I picked up mine yesterday and It's GonNa go get this thing dirty but it's It's been a long time coming for Kelly and I. I've driven this thing. It's it's it drives super well on this thing as superfund super stable they had a The Demo of course. I'm not sure if you got a chance to get out and see it but the demo of course they had down there was amazing. Yeah I know it looked like it. A lot of rock crawling like a just had a bit of everything right. Oh yeah they're high speed that rock crawling. They had low-speed rock crawling. They had ups and downs. And I mean the really the course they rented this rock quarry down there and it really looks like a video game. Pretty incredible so All the B. There's got to go out and do that They did. They did the first half the dealers. The first wave was Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday Friday was the rest of the show. So it finishes up today but It's been A. It's been a real busy week so after after today. We'll it'd be nicer relaxing. Think about that Glen Helen race from last week. Miami so I gotta ask you. Obviously they got that side by side. You know you you pick yours up any itch to do a little side by side.

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