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He accused james komi again of leaking classified information jeffrey gazes outside fbi headquarters in washington with what we've learned from those memos jeff good morning good morning in all there are seven memos in yes some of those memos are classified and they've been partially redacted komi says that he wrote those memos after conversations with president trump between january and april of two thousand seventeen i'm sure the special counsel is considering my recollection of those events which are reflected in these memos qomi said last night that he believes the memos are pertinent to the russia investigation the i was sent to top fbi officials the day after his first briefing with presidentelect trump komi writes that he typed the notes immediately upon exiting trump tower where he had briefed mr trump alone warning him that the russians allegedly had tapes involving him and prostitutes komi writes that president trump interjected about that trip to moscow there were no prostitutes there were never prostitutes on january twenty eighth go me writes that he had dinner with president trump in the green room at the white house komi remember the dinner conversation being pleasant at all times and chaotic but the purpose of the dinner was for him to extract from me promise of loyalty said i expect loyalty i need loyalty and i just stared at him and this little narrative with myself inside saying don't you move don't you dare move don't even blink me says during that now infamous dinner president trump appeared to have reservations about then national security adviser michael flynn saying the guy has serious judgment issues that quote before i can't remember that might be the new bit of information is that there was early early early doubt about flynn including an early early interview with the fbi like way before anything about flynn came out the fbi had sort of vetted him in a sense i was concerned that i needed a record to show the other intelligence agency chiefs who had been with me but didn't stay behind for the second private meeting and it also was worried that i was meeting alone with the president komi kept notes of his conversations with the president and even chief of staff priebus lasco me if he had a faisal order on mike flynn by then investigators.

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