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Says he's done. After being completely overlooked for any nominations this year, the former Grammy winner announcing he will no longer allow his label to submit his music for Grammy Awards writing quote You owe me my fans and the industry Transparency. Jim as wad with variety of the last four Grammys had been racked by one scandal or another for the weekend, not to be nominated either points to corruption or severe dysfunction. Last year, former recording Academy head Deborah Dugan filed Discrimination complaint against the academy. I'm saying that the system should be transparent and that there are there are incidents of conflict of interest that taints the results. As what says that's readily apparent. Something's wrong with that process. If an artist like the weekend can't even get nominated. For what it's worth, Brian Clark ABC News And Oscar winning actor is helping fellow Texans and need. Lisa Taylor has more techs Matthew McConnell Hayes, tapping his famous Texas friends to help people in his home state recover from the recent winter storm. While most of the powers thankfully being restored, the bus and water lines from from hospitals to so many homes has left so many Texans without the bare necessities they need to survive. Virtual fundraiser called Were Texas will be streamed on YouTube March 21st performers include George Strait, Don Henley, Kelly Clarkson, Post, Malone and Willie Nelson. Donations to Makana Hayes. Just Keep Living Texas Relief fund will be funneled to organizations helping in the recovery effort. I'm Lisa Taylor. Information.

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