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The latest and lowest prices on the right hotel for you you could save up to thirty percent on great hotels around the world and with two hundred eighty new traveler contributions posted every minute including by people like me you'll always find the latest reviews on hotels things to do and restaurants across the globe you can visit trip adviser dot com slash gold men and use the promo code trip ten and remember for the freshest reviews and lowest prices make trip adviser the last you look before you book so next up is richards conversation with jimmy bell the star of film stars don't die in liverpool while i'm here sitting across table from jamie bill welcome thank you you and your wife were looking out the window and gazing out of you not been in this building before no i've action of a been down to this town oh well actually ever while welcome were glad that we could be your first time that's a good feeling so you're kind of at the tail end of what has been a pretty long press tour junket i don't know what the proper term is for four film stars don't die in liverpool which is finally coming out on the 29th earn at the embassy yes yeah um but i i saw the telluride where it it wasn't something i'll be honest it was on my radar going into the festival yeah but then when i found out who was in it and i said okay this is you know this could be something special so i'm curious like how did you get involved with it like when did it make an impression on you as it just reading the script or yes i mean i was so sent the script less early let leicester and i i knew nothing by glory grandma you nothing about the subject of the film only knew was annette benning was in it and i read it in feverishly just because it if it had her in it i wanted to be a part of it but i really thought it was a bizarre piece of fiction i couldn't quite wrote my head around the story so eccentric and so unexpected and so can of unbelievable to a degree and then when i met barbara broccoli who produce the foam she told me that she knew glory grim and pita ternent subjects the film personally and.

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