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Let's take a break for our dispensers thank you sean to give a couple of little plug for other podcasts if you're enjoying this and you'll probably like those you can listen to with special guest lauren laugh case which is an improv podcast i do elsa of wild horses the perspective on stitcher premium which is our live show in l a in las las vegas no largo and see in la you can listen to those lots of great gusts you can check out my other podcasts i have high and mighty wherever you find podcast it's just a interview chat show with me and some guests laptops has been on where we came up with the idea for raised by tv yes and then my podcast action voice which is on patriot with ben rogers and ryan stagger and we review and talk about four two hours at a time often longer than the movies themselves action movies from the eighties and nineties it's now time for an improvised sitcom we are this is at bernard underscores shaky underscore oh rolls off the tongue but and the suggestion is meat the meat and at the meat the is the two oh thank you didn't follow that the meet the me is meet the me all right so we cut to the the war cow ski family butcher shop where the sitcom takes place missed you guessed lay mom semi here to pick up some well danny here's the thing there are a number of different types of meats from a number of different types of animals what are you pulling any.

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