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From the old format to the new, but however unsurprisingly the number two seed saw its chances drop significantly down almost eleven percentage points because they no longer get that first round. By interestingly, the number three seed became more likely to reach the Super Bowl by three percentage points, as did the number, four seed by two percentage points the number. Five seed only went up by one percent, the number six seed up by about half a percent, the new number seven seed actually has a four. Four percent chance of reaching the Super Bowl which is higher than the number, three seed, the number, four seed, number, five seed, and the number six seed, so in order to Kinda. Something's up here. The number one seed is still much more likely than any other team to reach the Super Bowl, but it's actual. Chances have only barely increased over the old system. Instead the increase chances for the lower seeds, especially, the number three in the number seven have come at the expense of. Of the number two seed, basically, if you, if you're the number two seed in the NFC or the AFC this year you are getting, you are getting royally screwed over by this new system, but of course that's fairly obvious that first round by means a whole heck of a lot. Now looking at those a potential new seven seeds, who does ESPN predict they will be in two thousand twenty. No team is more likely to earn a number seven seed than the Cleveland browns with. With a ten percent chance that they land in that spot, the steelers, seahawks rams are also in the ten percent chance range of right very close to Cleveland, and in one third of their simulations at ESPN ran the number, seven seed came from a division with another wildcard team so just a quick interesting. Look at how ESPN's prediction model is. is shaping up here for the twenty twenty season. Finally want to look at some offseason rankings one of them coming from sports illustrated. Dallas cowboys as the NFC east team highest on the rankings at number nine hall, they note the addition of CD lamb to be to help what could be the best offense in football, basically, noting also that the defense could take a big hit Dallas lost its top cornerback Byron Jones. It's best pass rusher in Robert. Quinton in free agency, the cowboys signed Gerald McCoy defensive tackle and and Dongtai. Po- to give them some bulk inside. They're also hoping that pass rusher Alden Smith. Has Something left in the tank after a four year absence, they have the eagles five. No four spots below them at. At number thirteen overall noting Carson wentz passed for four thousand yards, twenty seven touchdowns, and just seven interceptions, despite not having a whole lot of playmakers, the season goal obviously to put some speed on the outside, and so we'll see what jalen regular, and Markey's Goodwin can add, and also some of the other draft picks cor quarterback Darius slay, coming to the mix bolsters what they call a top ten defense in the NFL the also have the New York giants at number twenty, which I agree with I think the giants are going to be better this year as you just heard me. Talk about with Ed Valentine. We'll see what Joe. Judge can do in his first year as head coach, and he has an inexperienced offensive play caller in Jason Garrett, although Garrett hasn't been calling plays for much of the last few years in Dallas, but he has experienced doing that. They also have Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley. Who I think are going to help them win some games. They got Andrew Thomas to protect Jones's blindside and I like the addition of Middle Linebacker. Blake Martinez in cornerback James Bradberry I think it's going to help a defense. That was number twenty five in the NFL last year The Washington redskins dead last at number thirty, two in their power rankings. Ron Rivera going to help and. And, he's going to help get them moving in the right direction, but they even with addition of chase young. They still have a long way to go now. One other set of off season rankings I saw was from Peter King Monday morning quarterback. He also has Dallas at number nine all. He has the eagles at number fifteen, a little bit further down the list and I I have to agree with what he says about. The Eagles here calls him a hard to read team so many yeah, butts and I think that's right. I think you know they have some they have. If everything breaks. This is a team that could go to the super bowl, but they have. have to have a Lotta things break right. They have to have jalen perform well in his rookie year. They have to have the Sean Jackson not miss the entire season. They gotta get something else from a Greg Ward. alshon Jeffery or JJ the whiteside. They gotta hope miles. Sanders stays healthy and they gotta help. They got to hope that their secondary that their defense can figure itself out. We know Darius slay is going to be on the outside, but can jalen mills takeover for Malcolm Jenkins. That's a huge loss on the defense. Their linebacking core is extremely thin, and so that's going to be an issue and do they have enough with Derek? Aren't and Brandon Graham on. On the edge to to help supplement a pass rush. That's that should be much better in in the middle, so it's going to be interesting. I think this is a I. think placing the eagles in the middle of the pack right now is a safe bet. Because you just this team could go in one of two different ways. They could be really good. They well know they could go three ways. They could be like last year where they're nine and seven where they struggle to figure it out all year and sneak into the playoffs, but I you know th, there is a scenario where this team goes six ten, so also a scenario where this team goes eleven five. It's really hard to know what this team is going to do. This year I did find it interesting that Peter King had the other two teams in the NFC the giants and Washington right next to each other down near the bottom named Joe is the giants at thirty and Washington at thirty, one with Jacksonville at thirty, two I have no problem with Washington at thirty one I think he's massively underestimate underestimating giants. I think the giants are going to be a seven win team this year seventy eight win team. I think they are gonNA show a lot of improvement and I. I think they're going to be much higher in the power rankings than number thirty by the time, the twenty twenty season is over folks that'll do it for this edition of eye on the enemy. My thanks once again to Ed Valentine for coming on the PODCAST and just reminder folks to make sure.

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