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Cancel culture is part of. hello it's a mixture of those who feel an enormous amount of guilt. they don't want to critique the just wanna get think they just wanna get rid of things I think I have something to do. also with this surveillance culture or at least those who want to filter a lot of things out of the mix we've we filter a lot of things media filters a lot of things that is what they don't tell you it's really important and that's why I'm glad I'm around because I mean I'm able to do that I'm able to tell you know they don't tell you up but yeah we filter. a lot of things after the fact and it's easy to identify. you know it's easy to identify what is happening but you it's it's hard to categorize it it's hard to say well yeah we can create a profile of potential shooters but that would lead the thought crimes I've been watching a mind hunter on Netflix which is also an interesting view of profiling they don't necessarily arrest people who may or have the potential commit crimes have to wait for the crime to be committed to the it helps in getting an idea. I would suspect or who the suspect might be so whatever the United States suffers a blow to the shootings are threats of war or terrorism. there's always this conspiracy to somehow take away basic freedoms and implement the Orwellian nightmare of tyranny and fought crime and sometimes those who are involved are are pushing a lot of these check agendas in in those were pushing these agendas you know they may surprise you I mean research there's been completely ignored by the media. Orwellian solutions are set to be foisted on frighten American public by the network connected not only well known sex trafficker Jeffrey obscene but to a litany of crimes and frightening history of plants crush inter okay this is this is a good article I'm reading here it's a it's a its articles written by Whitney web I was just looking here Kate research is being completely ignored by the media and this is the research this is from Whitney web Orwellian solutions are set to be foisted on a frightened American public by the very network connected not only to well known sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein but to a litany of crimes are frightening history plans to crush internal dissent United States so Whitney web this is what I want to talk about tonight. Whitney web. is a freelance journalist who was in Chile and she's contributed several independent media outlets including goal research eagle watch Ron Paul institute twenty percent rewire those those websites and and and those publications well with me of course a lot of what she writes is very controversial and of course she now lives in Chile which I'm sure you know many people want to be good reporters and and want to stick by their guns are forced to move out of the country because they have a lot to say so I was doing some research days ago on the nine eleven attacks I was reading some of her material. and as I was perusing our articles I I saw curious headlights of how the C. I. A. Mossad and the UPS the network are exploiting mass shootings to create an Orwellian nightmare. okay. and I realize that there's been a lot written about Jeffrey obscene not much said about Jeffrey of steam but a lot of stuff is written about Jeffrey obscene after his death little or no coverage though on the mainstream nothing about how we meet is money or who we work with and whether or not he was a C. I. A. R. Massad informing everybody like speculated on this. so what what the web is done she put together an amazing article. and it was a it was enough to pique my interest in how Eckstine was not only a sex trafficker be also was involved with things like eugenics experiments and he was also an investor. in surveillance and spy ware okay which I find it just I mean I mean as I said you know you you go through your studies. are you look around and you find these reporters that are just gems and you read their material and it just inspires you okay. so. I decided that I thought you know this. writer. needs to be exposed. in it she has been part of the cancel culture because she's said some things are very unpopular. but I guess I will in in her best interest delivers some information that I've research that she's provided some of the research that I have found regarding the surveillance apparatus and regarding how everything is under suspicion not just the average everyday American but the elite now or in the cross hairs of the surveillance state and many of them are very paranoid so they have the money to invest in fortify other forms of surveillance which is making everything kind of a a sick and twisted Orwellian nightmare. and so that's what we'll explore tonight on ground zero and stay tuned is gonna have that for you it's going to be amazing because a lot of work went into this tonight I went to the.

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