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American intelligence operations this is cbs news connected to the northwest and the with at them news one eighteen canton shall we can downtown portland fifty four degrees no three on became a birdie candid down of the trial of ammon bundy is you just heard on cbs news not guilty on all counts kate excels my turner was outside the courthouse when they learned of the verdict but here's went up along the sidewalk here in front of a federal courthouse it down to important as i'm not guilty and it down inside i live there are nine three and when he goes down there and in the future i can't put it into words why in a good shot in a way i'm in a good shot i mean i've been here everyday fans the second one only so far protesting and i've has to fight twice and i mean i put the whole heart and soul into one of the defense attorneys was asked what kind of precedents business after he said no idea that's a little courthouse in downtown puerto mike turner avenues when a woman portland police say they admit interest in a rash of convenient store robberies they took nineteen year old jonathan bowlen into custody a all rights on the p su campus this happened to wednesday the robberies took place between october the fifth on october seventh eddie take to say the anticipate more rest second game of the regular season for the portland trailblazers there battling the clippers in the fourth quarter at the moda center tonight this as a close one clippers leading the blazers with six minutes to go ninety to eighty nine ten oh four we'll take a look at traffic and weather next on that then news one oh one see something smell something do something when your basement or crawl space smells don't ignore ed older is mold in harmful pollutants come from too much moisture and not enough air circulated making your home on healthy do something call wave home solutions today at one eight eight eight nine six four nine two eight three.

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