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The rest of you will get your dose of the luck of the Irish in a few more minutes One 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo and we will get to a few more calls here for our guest Peter Pitts but as promised Jennifer King reports researchers are exploring a potential link between COVID-19 and diabetes It's already clear that a coronavirus infection can lead to severe complications for people with diabetes Now scientists are asking if a rise in cases during the pandemic is more than just a coincidence A CDC report examining the databases for two large insurance companies from March of 2020 through June of 2021 found diabetes was substantially more common in children who'd had COVID-19 At rady children's hospital in San Diego type one diabetes cases jumped almost 60% during the first year of the pandemic diabetes specialist doctor Ines Thomas says mats children's hospital in Michigan has seen a 30% increase The timing raises concerns and Thomas says hope that a link may be discovered to figure out the trigger I'm Jennifer King All right thoughts Peter picks I haven't seen the data Obviously it's troubling And I think it really speaks to the need to get children vaccinated to a very high percentage Here's the call from Steve in Springfield Missouri hello Steve Hi Jim Springfield Missouri made the national news when the variant just had a flood of people coming into the two hospitals we have here in Springfield And I wasn't aware of it I hadn't heard that It was overran everything that we had the beds but was this the later variant the omicron variant or what It was And I think we were second in the United States as far as number of population and number of people experience But anyway I talked to many of the nurses that were working night and day over there They said it was all people that weren't vaccinated And they said it was a non vaccinated I've been vaccinated both times with the booster shot My wife has to we've never had a problem And one son didn't get vaccinated He and his in laws all got COVID And my oldest son he's been vaccinated so is my grandson They haven't had a single problem I really think that not that you vaccinate is crazy And you know I'm old enough to be in the time when we had the polio Me too Antonia nobody refused to get the polio vaccination after it was came on board Everybody was deathly afraid of polio Deathly afraid I mean it was incredible I was forbidden to get within a hundred yards of a house if we're a friend of mine lived because he got polio I mean you know a hundred yards away I really wasn't going to get totally over from this kid but we had to get inspected every day apparently if he could touch your chin to your chest you didn't have polio but anyway The panic was pretty severe There's no question about that And again that was pretty effective both the salk vaccine and later the Sabin or the oral vaccine All right one good Steve deserves another here Steven and your North Carolina good evening Steve You guys still there Yes mister Pitts is here You're going to wrap him up here That's right I want to know one thing you said a while ago It will use there are several Okay yeah And I want to say and I've said this before during both And this is maybe start to talk in this much detail But the Internet's done a lot of good things for this country But in this case I've never seen it in my life The analyze on the Internet and have so many experts to tell you what your doctor should be telling you Well yeah You lay this shot I got a shot But yeah me too Because people are getting so immune to becoming experts on their own Well I mean I understand the desire to make the public more proactive in their dealing with medical professionals but it does seem like it has gone overboard Peter Pitts will let this be your concluding comment and then with our thanks Go ahead Oh we lost Peter Okay but I'm sure he agrees with you Steve Anyway if we have reestablished contact with Peter Pitts we will again hopefully I'll be able to do so by means of our telephone system One 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo one 8 6 6 5 O 5 four 6 two 6 will switch topics and look at Ukraine We'll look at interest rates going up again and be back with more in just a moment.

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