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Nine eight on WCBS traffic. And weather together sponsored by Felicien college Kelly Dillon the no. Improvement no improvement everything's still shut down right now in, Suffolk County, on the westbound side approaching exit fifty eight year to be detoured off at their this ongoing accident investigation from a, bad crash during the rush hours definitely skip this spot still in the. Bronx the westbound cross Bronx still really. Busy approaching the Alex a broken down truck trailer still sitting in the center lane. Delays right now back to Rosedale the northbound Bruckner improving looks like that crash. By hunts point avenue is wrapping up some delays are clearing out on the west side highway getting better but still pretty slow northbound from the one twenty s to the outbound George. On the east side things also improving but still seeing delays from the one fifty on up outbound Lincoln sale I'd say at least a forty minute wait the outbound Holland also really busy thirty to forty Minutes they're getting into the city though things are, pretty. Quiet right now, our next update in less than ten minutes on WCBS tracking, the forecast, meteorologist Danielle Niddle, what we. Will continue to track a few showers and thunderstorms around the area throughout the evening tonight we're looking at Abacha some showers stretching from East Brunswick to Perth and boy and into portions of Stanton island. Also heavier shower now working its way across. Portions of Brooklyn as we move into the overnight hours, partly to mostly cloudy low seventy five tomorrow periods of clouds and sun there'll be a shower thunderstorm in some spots. For the afternoon eighty four degrees showers and thunderstorms become more. Numerous as move into tomorrow night some containing some pretty, good downpours, low seventy two Saturday clouds give way to some sun still shower storm for the area mostly early on in the, day Saturday high eighty two right now seventy five in Denver eighty two. Degrees in throngs neck it's eighty degrees. In midtown going down to seventy five Vicki thanks Danielle Now it's nine ten the corruption retrial of former city correction union Bob's Norman Seabrook Seabrook got. Underway with opening statements presented today Peter Haskell with Marfan Manhattan federal court has the head of the union he wielded. Enormous power but the prosecutor described Seabrook has a union leader on the tape she told the jury Seabrook directed twenty million, dollars of union money into a risky hedge fund. In exchange he received his sixty thousand dollar kickback it was. Delivered in an eight hundred dollars Ferragamo bag the fund went belly up in. Nineteen of the twenty billion dollars with lost that fact was, not allowed at the first try that offends countered that there's very little to dispute the one key point is the sixty thousand dollars bribe Seabrook lawyers said only the government's star witness. Will talk about it and Joan of wreck knits his, a. Pathological liar The. First trial ended with a hung jury federal court in Manhattan Peter hence gold.

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