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Was a brewers affiliate. The what that means is those teams like the rockies and the voyagers chuckers these independent teams. They now will survive and have baseball but they need to go out and they need to get their own players and then they need to sell those players to major league teams. So the idaho falls chuckers could sign bartolo colon if they felt like it just like the long island ducks. Had you know. Ricky henderson and the chicago land. Skaters had already forgot his name. But you can sign these independent guys. Come in and keep their careers alive. But from what i understand. Almost all of these teams are going to try to keep the age limit at twenty four and down. They're going to try to develop guys. So who are they gonna sign. We'll think about forty teams and all those guys on all those teams. They'll keep their affiliation in their organizations if they're wanted but there's just not enough room for everybody so it's going to be a lot of those same guys who would have been playing in the pioneer league anyway so in other words you're still gonna get good baseball for that level. It's not just guys off the streets. There'd be no reason to sign rick tidwell to play on that team because there's no chance of me a playing good baseball and be being able to be sold at a later date so the biggest question is where are these little team's gonna come up with the revenue to now pay because before when you had a team like sacramento river cats. The giants pay all those players because they're ever cats don't owe them. That's how the minor leagues used to work. All over changes are common. But like i said it is good news for those.

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