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To lose. And losing is not the end of the world. Like I said earlier about people losing their jobs. It is not the end of the world. Regroup. And so that audience I remember that audience there and it was like shock. And it was just, you know, things are things are happening that. We're planned. I love it. When that happens, but not to the extreme nature of somebody tearing the quadricep. Right. So but I thought it was stream booking and the guy he mentioned it. Pat Patterson said with him for that afternoon and had to navigate and to mitigate all the egos to get a story out of this thing and a lot of great spots as best thing. That was a great high spot Booker. Genius. And you know, he was a genius. So he's missed. So in any event, that's kind of where I left that deal. It was very traumatic day. You know, as a head of talent relations, I just lost another star. That's exactly where I'm headed with this. So hunters out for a long, long time, the show's got must go on, and I have to let's talk about this. Rocks gone, hunters gone. There's a lock at lack of a top tier talent. The next night, the very next night, at a SmackDown taping, it's decided to have a TLC match with very little height, by the way. It's between Benoit and Jericho, the Dudley's edge and Christian and the hardee's. I mean, there's a lot. Is this a ratings pop? Is that what we're trying to go for here? It's all that was. Yeah. You know, how do we go from that last encounter that we're Triple H got hurt and Austin was on the losing team? So yeah, it was just a little knee jerk. No doubt. But here's the other thing. On the other hand, you're not going to put the Dudley's and the hardee's in a match of this nature in a not be good. So you knew at least for the audience's sake, they're going to enjoy what they're seeing. And I thought that those guys also turned it on. You know, was it on the same level as some of the other great TLC matches where you had education to the mix and all that good stuff? I don't know. That's your opinion. Whatever you think is what it is. You'd be right. Your opinion is right. That's right. So you'll have them, right? Yeah. Yeah. So beautiful thing about this. We're allowed to have our own opinions. Yeah, I think so. So anyway, it was a little knee jerk booking. And they went to try to unlike the duchess of whatever match, the duchess of queensbury. Yeah, that never showed us ugly head again. You went back to something that had worked in the past. And the TLC match. And the audience was sold on it because they've seen some of them and they totally enjoyed them. All we're hoping to do is keep the momentum rolling for our team. And here's the irony of this thing. I can't understand, and you always got to prepare for the worst case scenarios I mentioned earlier. I can't understand why we didn't have people in the on deck circle. Ready to take that one step up or over or whatever you want how you want to determine to be that missing baby face that we're losing. We're not going to replace Triple H seamlessly. But we didn't provide the opportunities to have people ready in case something tragic happened. When we had also got hurt, we had a guy named Dwayne Johnson. That we never missed a beat. But, you know, those don't grow in trees. And rock had left to go explore his career, which is he's done pretty damn good at it, as a matter of fact. Unless I look, I'm proud of him. So, you know, that was bad. That was a creative malfunction. That was a we weren't doing a long-term planning. And that's why the TV seemed to be written. Ours before they aired. And that's not the best philosophy. Well, here we go, and this is a philosophy I'm going to ask you about. It's decided to shelve Austin and Jericho's feud and to include Benoit and make it a three way type of feud was this the right move in your mind. I'm going to share some of those thoughts with you here shortly. I don't know why we needed to do that quick. Would it be good? Yeah, of course it would be good. Anytime you can add a healthy Austin to Ben Juan Jericho, how can that be bad as far as mechanics of the match is concerned? I think it was another one of those issues where it was just a little bit rushed. And that was more of the norm than it should have been. And I don't have a ten reasons why or the company's run by one guy. That's what he wanted. He was convinced that this is what we should be doing by either his own his own creativity or somebody sold him on the idea. I don't know. It wouldn't be solely on it, because I thought, again, we run to those giving matches triple threats..

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