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It was the divisions in comfort and durability Marty has its return then nestled at the army ten yard line the wind seemed to be going toward the kicker right to left the kicker is VJ Nichols the freshman the first freshman to start a kicker for eighty seven years and he only took over the kickoff duties in the last month of the season he has a little extra points and field goals throughout the year RB much like maybe both of these teams but already perhaps even more so Ross rarely returns kicks correct what's interesting is obviously RB feels like the weight is going in that direction that's why they chose to receive in that direction we still aren't the tire Lee shore who'll be the quarterback for orders there's been a lot of speculation open up got hurt again against Hawaii a couple weeks ago so we're gonna find out what everybody else does covered up his was just moments ago taking staff for beta reader it'll be interesting RB one way or the other job they're certainly playing at court the wind is so significant the world battle has to spot the ball for the opening kickoff it'll come left to right for B. Jan Nichols artsy sob spray the Walters the return and performing each side of the ten yard line Nichols charges to the polls to sit in the area does not have great legs it tumbles down into the red receive I already at the eighteenth contact comes at the twenty three branded Walters building filled there and who will be C. order back Jeff Mulligan said we'll have the quarterback out there that's available whoever's available will play four different quarterbacks who started at times the office of line left to right we'll be Jack's sites Jackson Deaton he is the most veteran today is twenty seven start no one now Jake Palmer JB hunter the backs of the backfield Santa coli tell Walker reports he sobs the receivers Pam Harrison detail Klein the tight end Zach soul so sends out Christian Anderson at quarterback this is his first start at quarterback and a run of the goddess by Nadine knoll gain as navy pushes aside the big guy Jackson Pittman who gets the start along with Jackson Perkins Jerry is warranted the backers ticket Springer Paul Carruthers Diego pogo nicer Cromartie the secondary camera Kinley Mikey but Morse Kevin Brennan Evan Kaufman so the first player to make his first start of the army navy game since nineteen seventy nine the staff stretching it straight and he's going to lose a little bit of your date and once again it's Jackson the six three three hundred pound nose guard a loss of one of the third eleven well you want to talk about it now to see your presence with authority in the nose tackle back to back stops for no gain Anderson fades back backside pressure at the nineteen yard line leader in sacks tackles for losses and forced fumbles back to the nineteen import down arrives a lawsuit by please could have gone much worse for nothing on back to back roads that Anderson drops back to pass was actually decent blitz pick up by RB but he couldn't find anyone stepped up and kind of fell into that sat so the point on a three and out for army Garrett wins a return of the navy thirty five high snap right put a kick just gets off their present according to these the bowl with a rolling to his right watches a pop of the forty one of the thirty five scripts and roll the thirty two yard that's worse navy's offense will happen after forty nine yard kick the navy offense the office of line left to right candle right David forty forty Hagens Peter desperate spilling Honecker in the backfield to bell Carruthers who's been explosive of a fallback position a slot back C. J. Williams Justin Smith receivers Michael Cooper and Ryan Mitchell of the quarterback the American athletic conference office a player of the year now comparing what a five in navy history to pass and rush for a thousand yards in the same year and they come out in a shot gun war with Perry deep please get a fake the sweep look role was left he loses the battery taxi ride he has no lockers has to reset the loop around the first or the second and third which went down after a couple yards with thirty four cold Christiansen Arby's top tackler one of the things that was very noticeable watching maybe this year is how many yards now compare you would get in exactly those situations when he drops back to pass doesn't like anything he sees and then takes off nice job by army there corralling him at tackling a bridges short game check it again second at eight eighty four was thirty four does score eighties opening drive suite extended to Carruthers rental car does have a whole lot of a shoulders at the thirty nine and a driven back but the initial run does give him some you'll get about six year and it'll be thirty three thirty nine maybe.

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