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And kind of mercilessly creating a satire of our entire dysfunctional healthcare system. We do talk quite a bit about healthcare and Zubin given this much more thought than I have. But it was just so interesting to get into this stuff, and we get into some really deep philosophy stuff. Basically. He just stumps me all day long with philosophical questions about consciousness, and the mind and other things like that. I would say overall this probably one of the most enjoyable discussions of ever had with somebody in this sort of format. I've talked a lot about how the discussion I had with Jaakko a few years ago was one of my favorite. I I would put this up there as well. And. The top three discussions just in terms of overall enjoyment. So the show nuts will linked to bunch of really cool stuff. But you can also go to his site Z dog, and that's just to Jesus and the dog MD dot com. Some real excited introduced to Zubin Damani. We are live. What is up CPAC is your Boise dog? MD? I am live and direct studios. The you are not going to believe it. But we're doing something absolutely different. What's this big phallic symbol in my face? It's called a microphone. Okay. Learn about it. And I have it because I have a good friend that goes way back to my Stanford days. He is a physician he's an engineer. He's done crazy stuff work with the world's top performing individuals to try to teach us not just how to live longer, but how to have a longer healthy life a health span. He is one of my favorite people because he's Uber. Smart hangs out with all kinds of hoity toity people like, you know, Tim Ferriss and Sam Harris, and all these party pants intellectual dark people, but more important than that. He's a bald off white. Dr welcome Dr Peter to you. Thank you so much for having me on this co hosted event today. That's right. So what we're doing different? Now is we're co hosting this year in Vegas to give a talk. You have your own podcast called the drive. Which is a stunning deep dive into the nerdy shit. I've ever seen in my life. I love it. Like you're talking about with. I heard safe redux safe about how cancer may be a metabolic illness and how the mitochondria abnormal and you're like in his face going. Well, just because their morphological abnormal doesn't mean that the function have you actually fraction. What's your ideal trial and I'm just going nerd nerd nerd, but also you are even more than that you're talking about how to maximize human potential in a way, that's uniquely human. And that's what I love about you ever since our Stanford days. We'll speaking of those let's retell that story. So I'll do this from the lens of how I would introduce you to my listeners. But I think your listeners will also be intrigued by this..

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