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A 21 point lead in this first half. Michigan at least lost two are ranked top 15 team. Yesterday, Penn State got drubbed by an unranked squad. Maybe Maryland. Maybe they end up getting ranked here this season, and maybe we'll look back and say it wasn't that bad A loss but for Penn State right now to drop 2013 to get shredded yesterday by the Terps that is as embarrassing as it gets. No James Franklin. Maybe this is just a case where losing that opener and the dramatic fashion against Indiana Waas, a slippery slope that they could not pick themselves up. But yesterday it was as though Penn State didn't even show up. They got absolutely waxed by Maryland and credit the Terps and credit that coaching staff for turning around a more urban program that nobody had any respect for the big 10. But for pennstate twofold. Oh, and three on the season is as low as it gets. For James Franklin and Company. As for Jim Harbaugh, Look, Michigan is very clearly overrated. They came into the season ranked. We thought, maybe that was a good win over Minnesota. It turns out it was not a good win. But right now, what we're seeing is a Michigan team that In terms of elevating the program. Harbor has not been able to do that. He has kind of held status quo. They're good. They're not great. They'll win nine or 10 games. They're not going to win 11 or 12. They're not gonna be Ohio State, and they're not gonna be the college football playoff for a big 10 championship game that much we know and yesterday credit Indiana because the Hoosiers have proven that they are taking the next step. Their three and Oh, there. A top 15 team there were Michigan wishes it were And for the Wolverines. That defense which used to be a calling card under Jim Harbaugh got at so lewdly.

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