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Be over me while the main sticking point behind the inability to pass a budget seems to be giving the state increased access to rise and blue cross blue shield of new jersey's finances state assembly leader vincent prieto says nominee of time has been given to debate a bill involving the state's largest health insurance provider horizon ceo bob marino is expected to be in attendance monday at an emergency session and trenton health officials are declaring a bull outbreak that killed four people in the democratic republic of congo over richard jordan reports the world health organization said that they were able to end the small outbreak thanks to a quick response by a group troops including the centers for disease control in a statement sunday the cdc said this highlights what is possible when countries are prepared to prevent detect and respond to disease outbreaks the cases were reported in a remote area of the country which has few roads and close to know communication is then warnings of the disease for people who were in infected survived this was the first reported outbreak of the bolo since the west africa epidemic from two thousand fourteen to two thousand sixteen richard jordan nbc news radio pennsylvania thority sama'an in custody is a suspect in the deadly road ridge shooting of an eighteen year old woman at a news conference chester county district attorney tom hogan said twenty eight year old dave a desperate turn himself in early sunday authorities in three states were searching for desperate after be anchor roberson was found shot in the head and killed last week rogerson initially was thought to have died in a car crash desperate being held without bail on a first degree murder charge and an estimated one hundred fifty million people will celebrate this fourth of july with a hot dog the.

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