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New housing program planned if this program is a credible uh it means sad to in the future chinese young people may not want to buy into the house he markets they made want to rent from the government of fo extended period of time and then that will change should china's housing price expect patient a fatwa which hinge indeed that in the next few years china's housing market may now to experience the very rapid the price appreciation as we saw in the last the vacates also that's one worry important area on the environmental sector i think the main risk is that too whether local government who would like to push this pipe attending a clean up tool aggressive this year and that we may see industrial output to slow down a mole substantially lay expected his if somebody weasel hiccups as this transition this transformation in the economy uh if i could get you a little bit outside your comfort zone and talk a little bit about politics xi jinping at the end of the 19th party congress talked about mounting the world stage and actually making china a new superpower that matters now that something they've not really laid claim to before do they managed that transition well well i think economically china now his second largest economy in the world there's no doubt about that but in terms of per capita income there's a long way for china to catch up uh the west than a standard uh but two from twenty twenty hour mrs she also laid out to a new plan a new region for china by 2035 china we owe am to become a prosperous society my interpretation of that is that perhaps by that time china's per capita income we will be at tehran dates neighboring economies such as a south korea's then taiwian's the gdp per capita by 2050 at a time when china sir uh uh you know achieving the one hundred and the worst three of the funding of the people's republic china should enter into a strong and prosperous society meaning that have perhaps in terms of per capita income chinese per capita income could be similar to what.

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