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And it's gonna be those players in this who, without even having to be told by the Mafia boss in this case by it in No, who has to be made an example of know who needs to be punished. And abide in era. So I'm telling you this now because I think we're gonna have to revisit this. Just give it time. Think of all the criminal prosecutions of Republicans that were effectively show trials if they got to the trial phase, or that we're just investigations where the process was the punishment. Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Ted Stevens of the guy. What's his name? The governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. I mean, just go. There's a whole list. I can you think of all the top my head, of course, Trump at the very top of the list with Russia collusion. So get ready for law fair from the Biden regime. But look for it to be a little bit cloaked a little bit insidious. News, traffic and weather. Tampa Bay's news radio. W F L A After a two day wait, Space X launched a Falcon nine rocket carrying the 16th batch of Starling satellites into orbit within minutes from leaving the launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. They deployment of the 60 satellites was confirmed bearing separation confirmed beautiful shot there of the starling satellites. Finally getting to see space directly. Jacksonville's annual Light boat parade is returning to the riverfront, with only minor changes due to the Corona virus pandemic. Spectators are being invited to watch the parade Saturday night from the North Bank in Southbank sections of the Riverwalk while following social distancing guidelines, the highway Patrol will have an increased presence on interstates in major highways. This week, troopers rode nearly 70,000 traffic citations during the 2019. Thanksgiving holiday with Florida's news. I'm John Conrad from the Fort Essential Credit Union Homeless traffic center. Some overnight construction to be aware of on the Tampa area roadways tonight sat down 75 Big Bend Road, The right lane will be closed also be on the lookout for periodic lane closures along both sides of I 75 between some expressway and state Road. 60 also be on the lookout for periodic lane closures along the Southern Expressway near Gandhi. Also be aware the construction will be continuing Long Canyon Boulevard in Hillsborough County. There may be periodic lane closures and changing traffic banners throughout the night. Charles E News radio. W F L A should be a.

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