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A sports here with Dan Schwartzman. Daniel, well, World Cup is over, but boy, the thrills in the spills, as it is, continue Manchester with a big win today. Yeah, absolutely adventurous city slipping past Liverpool three to two. It was a carabao cup round of 16 match at the Etihad, knots on ake scoring the winner in the 58th minute to lead city into the quarterfinals. Fabio carvalho and Mohamed Salah scoring for the reds where Ellen Holland and Riyad Mahrez scored the other two goals for man city. Reporting that Leon Messi has agreed to extend his stay at PSG for another one or two seasons and his current contract ending in June negotiations on a new deal are expected to begin as soon as Messi returns from his ten day break after winning the World Cup. It is an AFC battle on Thursday Night Football halftime at MetLife stadium. It's the New York Jets trailing the Jacksonville Jaguars 13 to three a rough half for Zach Wilson hearing the boo birds 7 to 1478 yards and an interception that jets rushing for a grand total of four yards. Meanwhile, Jackson was rushed for a 115 yard Trevor Lawrence a 147 passing yards. Jacksonville comes in the game at 6 and 8 winners of three of the last four the Jets have lost three in a row, still playoff hopes mathematically for both of these teams. NFL has announced a 7 year deal worth over $14 billion of Google to the tech giants and distribute the Sunday ticket on its YouTube TV and YouTube prime time channels, direct TV has held the rights to the Sunday tickets since 1994 and most recently have been paying $1.5 billion per year on an 8 year deal. Overall, the league will bring in more than $13 billion annually for TV and Internet rights deals for its games. I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world reports update, Brian. All

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