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If pippin pippen's hall of famer ron harper is not a hall of famer ron harper nice player wasn't a hall of famer if scotty pippin and michael jordan are playing together i don't wanna hear about i mean i'm not even gonna give you steve kerr was hurt jim paxson was hurt horace grant was hurt i wanna hear about it you can have an injury on rag doll is an injury you can't have kevin durant clay draymond staff so you have the world's best big shooter you got the world's best shooter you got klay thompson who's the best shooting guard in the league and dream on going to be eventually be a borderline hall of famer and steve kerr is a hall of famer either as a coach broadcaster gm or something and the skinny jeans team suburban american team silicon valley here's our social causes were smarter than you can't beat houston without that chris paul well i mean andrei would dala was hurt are you kidding me that's like amazon that that's like facebook saying listen we had a down quarter we lost a couple people in marketing not good enough zuckerberg stonehouse all right you still got that webpage thing working with facebook i don't wanna hear about a guy in marketing took a vacation by the way the warriors did announce enrique would dollar questionable to me it's like i'm done i don't wanna hear it i don't wanna hear it houston's got to deal with the way look at this number on chris paul if you don't think chris balls valuable look at this is incredible in fifty eight games with chris paul.

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