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Right time for those easy drop off he's a sixday 230 red he's a 6'8 to sixty freshman from grand rapids that's his first two of the game and inspirational state 21 wisconsin fifteen i'll throw the basketball right now is charles thomas now goes over there to david sent shock rocket fiber the badgers davidson acid he's going to force a shadow of the topic jackson rich short but the long rebound comes out to i resent of wisconsin on insider goes orbiter personal for a wide open 3 but the tip i half is good so here comes michigan say now with eight go first hand twenty one seventeen to score whoa jackson jackson truth over the top of that there was nothing happy about that he could do what i did think jackson was really set very well but a nice floater thereby jackson he's got four we got to be the most helpless ruins of all time the like settled out so we we go back you'd have the basketball wide open 3 out is no good by averaged three backups zappetell men not a caches seven 25 to go first atmospheres 823 guide you seventeen quinson wide open for three god it nice acts with extra pass thereby bridges and aggregates coaches off the badge i5 in his guys we got a time out and so far so good for madison with seven nineteen to go first half its michigan state 26 wisconsin seventeen back with more than moment as you are listening because the fact sports presentation obama she basketball these upon activity for.

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