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So, you know, I think it all comes back to it'll come back to the running game eventually my, but I think we're all in Namur d- with the numbers that these quarterbacks are putting up on on a yearly basis at this point had a ruse Amee for photos office guys this Mike Corbin, I'm sitting in for rich Eisen on the rich Eisen show. And I'm speaking with NFL hall of Famer Eddie, George and Eddie, Shan with us about how beautiful that draft was in his hometown, Nashville, Tennessee, but you also are in Ohio State Buckeye your Buckeye through in through you know, I love I love when I'm in that area where we go down and Ken for four the hall of fame. And and and I was with Chris Carter, and we were in the restroom using arrest. Room at the time. And there were all bunch of men, and all you gotta do is. Just your oh eight everybody in about heels it right? I mean, we're all sitting. Earner in is still yelling. I oh. That just tripped me out that was funny to me. But let me ask this Eddie as you watch your quarterback from Ohio State way asking gets passed up by the New York Giants. What were your thoughts on that? And what are your thoughts on what he could do in Washington? I saw I I was shocked. I I mean, I know Colin Murray was you know, you gotta pick up a lot of minimum toward the the beginning of the draft. Seems they'll go number one. So I wasn't a shop is that. But when you're passed on the wane Haskins, I was I was really perplexed by the fire behind the fact that here's a kid. The the most prolific passer in our schools history in the big tent history. Fifty touchdown only eight interceptions against elite competition weekend and week out. We've seen what he can do. I was really shocked at the giants pass up on. But when the with the rescue pick them up and his response was the messed up now, he's hungry. The show the world where he can do. I felt that he was slide in the Heisman in terms of votes. I think the right guy wanted, but I think he deserves more love I felt like he got slided during the draft process as well. You know, so. So I think he's gonna come in hungry. He's gonna come in focus. He's a strong family support his Shawn springs. His mentor of the cornerback from Ohio State who was with him during his high school years. So he has a strong pedigree when it comes to football knowledge and the kid doesn't get in trouble. So for him to come in with a chip on his shoulder. Now, Michael is he gonna set the legal and fire. You get the right weapons around this kid. I think he's gonna it up. M people say this again here Michael sitting in for the rich Eisen show sitting in for my man, rich Eisen and talking to Eddie, and I call eight in hall of Famer, and I said, he's all the fame on and off the football field. I know he's not in the hall of fame. So I got people hitting me on Twitter and stuff so migrated out. But I know raise going, no, I'm saying, I'm prophetically speaking this thing into existence. We all know that you are hall of Famer. That's why even ask the question about the value of the running back position. Do you feel in any way that way we see running backs now hurt guys like you in your opportunities of getting in the hall of fame? I think we lost Eddie. Oh, man. That's what I wanted to hear that. Because that's a great question to find out to ask. Right. Because I want is the way we see the way we see running backs now hurting his opportunity to get in the hall of fame. 'cause Eddie of you guys you ask the right kind of guys guys. Like Ray Lewis guys that went a guest him that are in the hall. I'm at the hole every year..

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