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Republican Choi bothersome has a slight lead On the right path and we're, going to keep it going But democrat, Danny O'Connor had not. Conceded as we see division and discord tearing apart our country we must. Remember that each and, every one of us are God's children Democrats and Republicans are as you. Might expect sending out different messages after the razor-thin GOP victory the chair of the oil GOP released a statement last night. Saying media, pundits and Democrats should. Take note a, Blue Wave she says is just wishful thinking the. RNC, says voters are tired of Democrats message of resisted obstruct conversely Democrats point to the twelfth district call it gerrymander to favour. The Republican. Establishment and point out at near tie last night Danny. O'Connor last night did not concede the race on, the spot he, pledges, a, continued political fight through early November Jared Adler News Radio six ten WTVN a statement from. The lawyer representing the ex wife of fired buckeyes assistant coach Jack, Smith says the university never contacted her To discuss her allegations of domestic violence Smith was fired. By Ohio State in July after he was arrested for criminal trespassing university is right now conducting an internal investigation to determine. If proper reporting protocols were followed. After Smith's ex, wife accused him of salting her in two thousand. Fifteen, police officer accused of paying for sex while on duty is out of a job today the city's public safety director agreed. With the. Police chiefs recommendation to fire officer Randall Mayhew three women. Pet accused me who Mayhew of paying them for, sex while he, was, in, uniform on duty an internal affairs investigation into with Mayhew being charged criminally but was dropped. When Mayhew pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty.

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