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5 O one od Wall Street and we check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S&P futures up 6 points Down futures up 38 NASDAQ futures F 31 the Dax in Germany's up 6 tenths of a percent Ten year treasury down two 30 seconds He has 1.74% and a yield on the two year .90% and 9 X crude oil is up a quarter percent Nathan Karen we're coming off the first gain for U.S. stocks in more than a week the rebound came after Jay Powell's confirmation hearing where the fed chair looked to reassure senators about the Central Bank's plans to tackle inflation If we see inflation persisting at high levels longer than expected then we will then if we have to raise interest rates more over time we will We will use our tools to get inflation back Powell told senators the fed is on course to start raising interest rates and reduce its $8.8 trillion balance sheet While Powell received a relatively warm reception from the Senate banking committee Nathan Arkansas Republican congressman French hill was glad to see a heavy focus on inflation This issue of getting inflation under control and taking action from a monetary policy is should be the principal issue not climate change not bank regulatory opinions but their monetary policy responsibilities Arkansas congressman French hill spoke with our Washington correspondent Joe Matthew on Bloomberg's sound on catch the program weekdays at 5 p.m. eastern on Bloomberg radio And inflation remains in the spotlight today Karen with government data on consumer prices due out this morning We get a preview from Bloomberg's Vinny del giudice Hang on to your hats again Bloomberg economics is forecasting a 7% inflation rate year over year in November at his 6.8% the most since 1982 when Paul Walker was stomping on the brakes at the Federal Reserve COVID-19 is still an issue today as it has been for too long years Bloomberg economics says I'm a cron related bottlenecks could add further upward pressure through the first quarter If any doubt judic Bloomberg day break All right Vinny thank you all prices were also front and center in Asia over now what data showing inflation in China eased into December and Bloomberg daybreak Asia anchor Brian Curtis has the details The producer price index rose 10.3% from a year earlier slowing from November's 12.9% It was well below forecast The government took measures to boost supplies of commodities and it cracked down on speculation and food prices fell Now the CPI increased one and a half percent that was lower than the projection of 1.7% Home acron is hitting the economy hard and these softer numbers might give the PBOC more scope for easing Brian Curtis Bloomberg daybreak Thanks Brian Let's turn to the pandemic now and a fresh focus on vaccines We told you yesterday that Pfizer and Moderna are working on shots to target the variant But it looks like doctor Anthony Fauci is not on board with that plan Bloomberg said Baxter has the story Doctor Fauci says he feels that time should be spent developing the vaccine that could protect against the umbrella of variants passed and to come and to the interim Who's this will play a major role in protecting our population at least from severe disease in the context of the ongoing massive surge of the Akron variant he says the third mRNA dose regimen seems to be working at preventing severe disease at this time In San Francisco I'm at Baxter Bloomberg daybreak Great thank you all important news this morning for those who have gotten Johnson & Johnson's vaccine We get the latest from Bloomberg's Renee young Karen the FDA is revising its fact sheet for J&J's COVID-19 shot It now warns of the risk of a rare bleeding disorder and it includes recommendations for giving J&J's vaccine to people with existing medical conditions The FDA told J&J that reports suggest an increased risk of the bleeding disorder during the 42 days after patients received their shot Symptoms include bruising or excessive or unusual bleeding This revision comes a month after the CDC recommended Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for adults over J&J's shot I'm ready to young Bloomberg day break All right we need to thank you In Europe today vaccines are also in focus There's a warning there about getting too many booster shots Let's go live to London and get that story from Bloomberg's UN pods Good morning Ewan Good morning Nathan and Karen European regulators say that frequent COVID booster shots could adversely affect the immune system and may not be feasible The European medicines agency is warning that repeat boosters every four months could eventually weaken the immune system and tire people out It says countries should leave more time between booster programs and save them for the onset of the cold and flu season in winter Live in London I'm your import spin by daybreak Right you and thank you and finally in corporate news this morning shares a Biogen down more than 9% in early trading the federal government is limiting coverage of Biogen's Alzheimer's treatment and we get more from Bloomberg's done prisoner Last June the FDA granted Biogen's drug at helm accelerated approval despite objections from FDA advisers.

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