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It is forty eight degrees at eleven o'clock. Good evening. I'm sue Guzman. Four people are dead after a raging gunbattle within Chicago's mercy hospital. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson. We have four deceased individuals police officer to female staff employees at the hospital and the Fender well, Chicago police say that female hospital worker was gunned down in the hospital parking lot by the gunmen with whom she had a relationship. The gunman went into the hospital, and that led to the shootout inside the killed another hospital worker as well as a police officer, the outgoing New York City department of investigation. Commissioner is calling his termination an attempt to intimidate and silence. Those are allegations mayor Bill de Blasio is denying right idea. Why Commissioner Mark Peters was fired? He then wrote a letter to the city council saying he wants received a screaming late night phone call from mayor de Blasio pressuring him not to release certain reports the mayor wasted no time in disputing that claim. It's just false. I'm sure I had conversations with Mr. Peterson. I'm sure I had disagreements but never a conversation where there was effort to inhibit the actions of I still Peter says. The mayor seemed to feel the deal. I chief owes him and not the city loyalty to Blasios stopped short of calling. Peter's Aligarh not gonna characterize I'm saying that statement is false James flippin for seven ten w PD's investigating after a woman was sexually assaulted near prospect park in Brooklyn. This woman lives near the park. I'll probably just.

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