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Team there's too much drama around him they have to release them i know john harper today in the daily news suggesting that the only reason why matt harvey is still a new york met is because jeff wilpon doesn't want to see him on the yankees now that's his opinion i don't know if that's an informed opinion or just a guess but if that is the case come on i mean that makes you look so pathetic if that's the reason that he's still on his team but he's got to go to pitch he's gotta go and the fact that this drama around him all the time and yesterday was disgusting we can they turn it around and sure they got plenty of time to but the salt and pepper and they're they're coming back and look at this team and they're doing all sorts of ways there dead that group that we saw in the beginning of the season right now they're dead there's another nowhere near being that same energy in that same type of team well you know i can say is that brian cashman would be the dumbest guy in baseball if he added matt harvey to what the new york yankees are doing right now there is absolutely no reason to add a lightning rod of a player and personality to your team stinks right now it's very it's not even that i mean it's it's just the the whole thing that would come along with that is not what the yankees need the he's don't need that the yankees are rolling right now and the yankees are you know have a couple of question marks in the pitching staff i get all that but they don't need that they do not and that's why i i appreciate john harper i appreciate what he's writing and what his i've only visit opinion is but if in fact that is an accurate assessment of how jeff wilpon feels i would say that is just completely the wrong way to feel what what jeff wilpon should be thinking about is not thinking about what the yankees are doing be trying to figure out how to get a goddamn catcher in here right.

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