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You can listen to hostage and all of our casts other podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play cast box tune in or your favorite podcast directory. If you enjoy the podcast, please leave a five star review while you're there. It's the best way to help us keep going we'll be back next week. In the meantime, don't take your freedom. For granted hostage was created. By max Cutler is a production of Cutler media, and as part of the par cast network. It is produced by max, Ron Cutler sound design by Ron Shapiro with production assistance, by Joel Stein and Paul Moller additional production assistance by Maggie ad mar. And Carleen Madden, hostages written by Kate Thornton and stars Irma. Blanco and Carter, ROY. Now here it is a teacher of par casts. First fictional podcast mines, I if you enjoy it be sure to rate review and subscribe to mind's eye wherever you listen to podcasts. January twenty seventh more notes on case file number three four nine east Colfax motel murder now east Colfax motel murderers. New victim. Middle aged male found mutilated nude murders. Are clearly connected based on posing. Here's sexual in nature. My working theory jilted husband killing for revenge now turn zero killer. Victims would be men who slept with his wife or possibly men that have better sex life. Either way. He's jealous stabbing scene passionate, but cleanliness of Mattel room suggests premeditation. Have a call with Santa Fe PD today about a similar case there working from last year, they say there's posing but won't really St. tails. Removal of body parts points to psychosis. Or perhaps it's a message harasser keeps bringing up Jack the ripper kidney letter and told the girl who gets our mail to watch out for stray eyeballs, he's a little green. But gotta give him props for the enthusiasm. Here's the thing. The crime scenes are identical. If it's a message, it's the same message repeated, and we aren't receiving it. Detective Cole Denver PD. Give me a second. I'll be right there. One last note media all over second victims case, the nickname the killer. The blind butcher.

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