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All right. The mess in Virginia. Who do we got the top three Democrats in Virginia? All under fire number four is a Republican has the Democrats salvage this who stays who goes Michael in upper Marlboro. Good morning, you're on mornings on the mall. Michael. He's not. There was a big moment. You're gonna you're gonna be like Kirk Cox. Like, here's my big moment. Well, I gotta tell you what I wanna see what I would really want to see happen. Genuinely is I want to live in a just world. I wanna see I wanna live in a world where people can be forgiven for their sins of the past especially from college can learn from them and become become better for having learned from them. That's the world. I wanna live in additionally for Justin Fairfax in the accusation against him in a normal world. He's oh due process. The the the sense of did he actually do this investigation. And whether or not is true and in voters can make their best educated judgment based on the available facts. If necessary if it doesn't go to a criminal court of law. That's the world I wanna live in. Now. Here's the flip side of that the standards the Democrats have built for themselves. They've built this house. This is the house by in which they're judging their Republican opponents, and they've spent a lotta time doing it we've seen with Brad Kavanagh. We see any number of cases where they've accused Republicans of racism with far less evidence far less evidence than a photo of yourself in black face or a K K K hood and sought to destroy and successfully destroyed many careers in the process now, this is all coming back to them. And it's coming back to haunt them. It's a structure they've built for themselves and in the end, it may very well, take them down. But again, that's not the world. I wanna live. I wanna live in the world where you can actually redeem yourself I wanna live in the world. We're due process works. I live in a world where you know. Everyone's equal under the law and all that great stuff. That's just not where we are right now. And so I think at this point in the game, I wanna see repel Democrats have to live by the same. Standards that they have set for everyone else. I wanna see them the sword cuts both ways, and I just want to see it. Yes. Have the same way exact up to the standard. But you're never going to go back and find me creating a new standard based on what political party, you're. Yeah. But so in the world, the Democrats have created and the standards they have set. Kirk Cox should be the governor of Virginia to say five twenty nine on wwl mail..

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