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Could do this the murder that's what the opponents Go hell hollow by. John maybe by the end of the week or maybe for friday pyrite we see a good friday for sure this and yeah you'll find the karaoke version exist if not instrumental which. I'm sure i could find. Oh absolutely available sala sala. Yeah yeah i mean. He talks about dollars dollars. There's a couple of times you can say it He watched crap yesterday as his quarterback. Zach wilson was intercepted four times in twenty five to six loss to the patriots. Here he was asked about the picks afterwards tribute to the foreigners options. Like i said he was off a little bit He said wilson handle it. Well he was fine. You get a great look. In his eyes he was he was getting conversation. It wasn't like he was overwhelmed. Was on zach. In his demeanor he is an electric dude. He's competitive crab his and he wants to win so bad but you know sometimes it's okay to be born. Electric dude is competitive crap. I liked this guy. He's funny and he knows what needs to improve sison making being smart with the ball. You know turnovers are big deciding factor in winning games. I thought defense played. Well you know. I gotta do better play well. And so they'll be in denver on sunday. The broncos out to a to start this. what is that spread. that's gotta be hanner. Eleven eleven. I would think i mean denver's got to row road. Winds olympia consoled fan. Dole's sportsbook and i will get you your answer a matter of moment. Trevor i mean i can't believe this goes back to pop warner maybe it does trevor lawrence said first time he's lost back to back games in his life. Yes it was quite well already one straight games in high school and i think he was thirty four or thirty five into clemson. Pretty good now. He's a jacksonville and starts. Oh into town and a half. I'll answer go here. Was lamar jackson doing lamar jackson. Things last night golders center record. As the fullback williams the tailback now jackson polls back into the shot took takes the snap. Williams jackson keeps it. Runs right somersaults. Into the end zone touchdown ravens and baltimore's taking the lead. Yeah ryan radke westwood one on the fan. Couple of fourth quarter rushing touchdowns. Imagine me doing that point. All of us we're bringing. Our hip was his age. I could imagine doing that. Yeah well he is. He's later than i would think you probably weren't. You're playing. yeah yeah these faster. And he's just the last night was. That was the best of lamar jackson. Even though we through too bad interceptions gonna remember one guy. Return for a touchdown the other one he threw in the red zone to tyrod matthew but other nets eastbound knows. Defense stinks again. Here was jackson talking about the exchange. John harbaugh fourth and one. Kansas city added timeouts. They were on their side of the fifty and what they were going to do. Then go for it or not. I hear ya said again. Two years ago he told me a play on my. I was just reading. In coach james. Earn mccoubrey goes he. Like you gotta go. I gotta get this. I now no matter what he did. Get the first down and sealed. The game and baltimore wins thirty six. Thirty five titans. Top the seahawks in overtime thirty three thirty on a thirty six yard from randy bullock tennessee detroit by fourteen in the fourth earlier. We heard what it sounded. Like in minnesota as the vikings kicker greg joseph missed wide right on a thirty six yard. Or here's how. It sounded on fox. Sports nationally on tv johnson on fox gus johnson and keep to leib yes which is a dynamite. Pairing those guys are both very good. I did pick the cardinals with one of my knockout pigs. That's confidence yeah. Well they go to two and the vikings go into another last second field goal. This one goes in fifty six yards out from greg's airline as heard on. Cbs with nansen romo. The chargers home opener could in with sir lied. Make it a kick. Because he make make the call fifty six yards. Does it go. i could see it. That's not a call. Becca kick enough into the net for the factory. Greg's he really got into it for sure and it was right down the middle to had a terrible game opening night against tampa bay. Yes he did. Mr fuel an extra point correctly so they win. Twenty two seventeen raiders over the steelers twenty six seventeen Also of note. The rams beat the colts twenty seven twenty four in terms of the injuries from yesterday. Boy there are a lot to tongue of iowa. A rib injury. They're not sure how serious it is if it is. We'll find out later today. Jarvis landry mc l. injury in cleveland. T. j. watt. A groin injury for the steelers. Tyrod taylor a hamstring injury for the texans. Andy dalton the knee injury for the bears. So we saw justin feels a little bit Indianapolis carson wentz a leg. Injury philadelphia defensive end brandon graham. It looks like torn achilles. His season could be over and new orleans. Had eight coaches out due to cove it. So ninety seven coaches left. Don't well that's true. And i see. Cbs has Baker sports number is baker. Mayfield somebody did come back and play in. He threw the interception and made the tackle right and then limped off basically but he said it just popped in and out and was fine so okay three of those guys right. There are always her tyrod taylor to a and carson wentz. They're always her. I mean it's like it'd be news if they actually made it through the game and we're probable the next week certain guys just. It's every time you turn around and something wrong with carson. Wentz got hurt Because of aaron donald it was a uh tried to come back into the not eating coming back again. I think it's the same foot that he had surgery on to. I know if it's foot and ankle or you know maybe it's a high ankle sprain. Maybe it's awesome your fracture. Who knows the way his leg was bent was not it was not good. Yankees got clocked by the indians. On saturday on sunday the yankees got clocked by the indians again and the bitches line to right center another basin audio like that guy. One run scores. the second run comes in scores. It's a two run. It or jose ramirez made it ten one indians at that point. Yeah eleven one would be the final as the indians. Take two of three from new york over the weekend. That was jose ramirez. Harold ramirez had a pair of two-run singles. Early on in this game. And roberto peres singled. Homework drove in a couple of runs. Tough tough day for garrett cole. Here as aaron boone on his out actually thought he's thrown the ball. Well there you know. And then you're you know obviously up against it down a little bit and give a couple of home runs but you know certainly as lines not indicative of how he seven runs over five and a third gave up ten hits. I don't know how you could actually say that i. It wasn't like it was sending runs on three errors to coach. Can hurt anybody's feelings. I guess he was boone. What needs to change with this club. Seven and fifteen in the last twenty two gotta play really good baseball If we're going to even think about being where we want to be well they can start tonight as they take on the texas rangers. Mr cortes with the start the yankees now trail toronto by a game and a half for that. Second wildcard spot. Forget boston at this point right now. It's toronto that they are chasing You've got aj alexi going for the rangers coming up later tonight. As for the mets sunday night game against the phillies winning three to jeff. Mcneil go ahead home. Run in the seventh mets off. Today they will play in boston.

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