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With the three score lead eight minutes to go the end of the ballgame are gonna be getting the ball back and expect a steady dose of Marlon Mack who has become now the first cold since Frank gore in two thousand sixteen to rush for a thousand yards in a season just a second hold since two thousand seven to do sell so we got seven forty two together hopefully twenty four six they'll be getting the ball back momentarily hi thank you Antrel it's gonna MetLife stadium the Steelers back to dot com I just hoping for better two minutes left they have the ball and a fourth down a pivotal play here let's check in with Mike man queue so United upland region one fifty nine remaining are actually two minutes remaining here in the fourth quarter yes lead sixteen ten Sam Ficken hit a field goals now increased the lead from thirteen to ten to sixteen to ten steel is just ran three very unimpressive employees and looks like they will be hunting in fact yes they will be putting in and hoping that the fence to get the ball back to the ineffective offense as quickly as possible Hodges started he threw two interceptions Mason Rudolph came in relief actually play well fourteen of twenty with a touchdown pass but he heard the shoulder it went back to AJ is the jets on offense really haven't been able to do much they did get one decent drive here in the second half the set up for that second field goal Sam Donald sixteen of twenty six one eighty three levy on bell has seventy four yards on the ground in the Steelers who really need this one and next week and they would guarantee themselves a playoff spot putting themselves behind the eight ball now one fifty nine remaining fourth quarter Jeff sixteen steals ten hi thank you very much Mike so but right now the Titans also trailing by ten with at eight and six in the steel is an eight and six as well the ravens right now have a nine point lead in a win today locks up the AFC north so next week could be worth nothing for them so that would certainly help the Steelers causes speaking of the ravens and brown let's go there for more and check in with Jonathan peerless Odell Beckham junior got his first touchdown grabbing a bond that is this store overall on the season that's just three as he completed a three yard pass from Baker may be over brown then went for two they failed to convert the two point conversion so we still have a two score game ravens on top of brown's twenty four fifteen seven seventeen not locked in the fourth quarter and first energy thank you Jonathan let's go to Craig heist in Washington it's a one touchdown game nine and a half minutes left here's Greg all right we'll Redskins gonna upon the ball and doing our rather case Keenum called for any legal forward pass as he went past the line of scrimmage in in this game right now a thirty five twenty eight lead for the giants and we have nine thirty seven I'm sorry thirty seven ago here in the fourth quarter and this was after how to grow Haas misfire on the fifty three yard field goal for the giants as they tried to extend the lead but the red skins crack good field position can do anything with it it's been a day for se Kwan Barkley in this game fourteen carries a touchdown run he's got a hundred and fifty four yards also caught a touchdown pass and in the receiving end of this game is bad or ninety yards on four receptions and all of that because Daniel Jones had a big big day as well throwing the football for touchdown passes won your twenty two of thirty rich for two hundred and sixty six yards the giants and Jones have a ball back at their own thirteen and they've got a seven point lead thirty five twenty eight thank you very much Craig heist in a Washington so case Keenum on after doing Haskins was injured earlier the defense the defense I should say about a much better second half than first but right now it is all in the hands of Daniel Jones with a seven point lead for the giants as the winner of this one gets the worst in the draft situation as the loser will get the second pick or moves into prime position for the second pick overall let's go to Jeff Zell in Atlanta Falcons in front by twelve with just over five minutes left over the Jaguars use Jeff well we're twenty four twelve falcons Jaguars have the ball towards the goal was seven four thirty eight six go in this game on the strike did converted to port down a fourth in you can add a fourth floor but they do not get burnt right here so it Lana will take over all down with four and a half minutes to go not Gardner **** you has had a very average day started out very warm thirteen of thirty a hundred eighty one yards he has three completions a letter for after thirty four and one that is also carried the ball fifty ducks or seventy one but he's been very key with fourth downs on that drive at a fourth in the Chris Connelly a completed a fourteen yard calmly also caught a forty two yard touchdown pass from mid June he also had a for the gore from the twenty eight completed a twenty three yard pass he wanted cold but it when I was able to hold amounts on that third fourth down we want that right twenty nine oh forty two three hundred twenty nine yards to pick one a your social costs about the freemen who also has a separate seat yard touchdown run so when a with the ball up twenty four twelve for twenty three to go this game hi thank you very much Jeff then here come the Titans roaring back in with an outstanding opportunity with the jets having the ball on a six point lead with one forty five left so the door is wide open for the Titans here's Brian Douglas with more this game is not over by any stretch of the imagination Ryan Tannehill scrambles and find the Tajik sharpest written across the back line of the end zone he pulled in it's sharp second touchdown catch of the day and it handle third touchdown pass of the day drawing the score into thirty one to twenty seven pending the extra point Ryan Daniel of twenty one passes for two hundred fifteen yards and the aforementioned three touchdowns through breeze on the other hand twenty two of thirty one two hundred forty eight yards and two touchdowns the Titans were really able to breathe himself on the back they sacked read on the one yard line forcing a punt so we'll see if the Titans defense can hold again meantime the extra point is good with seven twenty seven left in the fourth was second exciting one year national the same thirty one the Titans twenty eight without question we will see if they can get a defensive stop against the great drew Brees and company but a three point deficit there's the Steelers trail by six and about to get the ball back with one thirty nine left they have no time outs left so the Steelers will have a chance as they did a week ago but unable to capitalize at home against buffalo will see if they could do something against the jets late here in the meantime let's set the general Kerr Prester in Miami with the dolphins rolling yes sure it's five thirty one ago here in the fourth quarter profits take advantage of the bangles first turn over a day and Andy Dalton fumble near midfield at the end of the third quarter they probably good down field nine plays forty five yards to format for minutes off the clock miles gasping with his first touch rushing touchdown this year from two yards out the point after which could put the dolphins up thirty five twelve which is where we are now the Bengals now with a second and long is there at the dolphin thirty five garland they're not going away although they are down you know twenty or twenty three points in this contest for the game dot making a thirty for thirty seven yards and one score and Ryan Fitzpatrick twenty four forty for three hundred twenty nine yards he saw for four touchdowns he's also been picked one time that it seems that much on the ground that offers a little better though twenty two rushes for seventy seven yards the bank of just forty six yards rushing on the day coming up on the eight half minute mark here in the fourth quarter dolphins on top thirty five twelve nine coming up in a little while the Broncos taken on the lions Broncos look better as of late the lines have not and checking in from Denver's Bruce Morton how are you Bruce a good act how are you doing we got two teams going no where today alliance getting there a little bit faster having dropped their last seven once again the spotlight will be falling on a couple of rookie quarterbacks which isn't a problem they're both wearing helmets but drew large with a record of two and one will be gifted with an afternoon against the thirty first ranked pass defense in the NFL when the lions have the ball rookie David Blau well he has a rating of thirty one point two in his last three starts are right there would look like advantage Denver two other items to mention that have nothing to do with exes and ohs or W's in now at the last rock a home game they had a record nineteen thousand no shows we'll see if that record will be approach to today.

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