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In Tony brown's YouTube video that he just posted and clearly recording a conversation he had with his head coach in as you're seeing a lot of people posting about on Twitter right now reacting to it that he if he didn't get the coaches permission not only. will he possibly be burning a bridge with the one guy that's been backing him he might have actually committed a crime. yeah California's two party consent state you got to have both parties permission to do that I I think this video I mean there's a couple of people here say this makes group look bad like he's begging him to come back I I disagree with that I think goons try to tell the knock it off and be a football player quit trying to be a whatever it is you're trying to be. you know because he ate at me still he's trying to be an entertainer. what what's the deal what's he doing we know how to make money off that it. I I don't I don't I don't get it I don't I don't what's the endgame what's what's the India posting that because. what what is trying to do is you say in this video these unfairly portrayed as the villain but there's nothing unfair about you made your bed. every every action and reaction that came out of this is a direct result of something Antonio brown did. he posted the fine letter on Instagram. he went after Mike may I ask. he's the guy who quit on buffalo he's a guy a quit on Pittsburgh he was the guy threatened to quit on the raiders. I don't get like I don't understand what your in game is what what's what is the disconnect what am I missing. somebody tell me. three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five your reactor on the tax line five six six nine zero five six six minutes tell me what I'm missing what what is what is it that I'm not see here because it's it's. did you believe him when he was saying they want to be a writer yeah but not really asking that you like yeah you know what I want is a rental truck he's only sell sounds flabbergasted like like the you don't you don't know that I want. like it no we don't I don't the grid and comes across bad in this at all I don't think he does because because Gruden turn is about football in this case he's like Hey knock off the other stuff right complete football for me I've been the guy pounding the table for you this entire time I think I've kind of put my neck on the line for you because I think your difference maker and the reality is is right what whatever you think about it what the raiders are gonna be able to do this year I know that you've been a little bit higher on them often simply than others it generally involves Antonio brown if they're gonna do anything this year it doesn't bother Tony brown if you did burn that final bridge look take care of this contract tonight they could be out of this thing immediately the guarantee money doesn't take until Sunday so but I mean I even Monday really Monday they say and what is his money they don't suspend him before Monday then they're on the hook for it for fourteen point six for sure plus each week you place to get you gotta go want you to move on you have to move on from this dude any no that's the thing about this what I was a bit on the fence about that even throughout the course of the day I heard sports talk radio on I mean I was list around the country to kind of see see what some of the hot takes were about Antonio brown give it a pulls on it if people are kind of on both on both sides of the fence like say you know like a move on from this guy because it's only gonna get worse part of me likes I think partly like seeing this is a result of being a a Broncos fan you probably like to see the raiders are gonna be it a bit of turmoil but in the end this is this could be a bad business deal. can't you see that if you're Jon Gruden Mike may are now he might be expend right about this whole time. yeah I. man this is a what what do you what would you do what a big event what would you do here are the gun U. threat to be set to punch your you thread a punch the court minus inner Gruden or may I ask your mac well they acted once your group. you try to punch my boss I mean technically make all the moves plate you know did Mike Massa Jenner magic to punch me in the face of coach you've got to put the front office guy in the face you invoke a racial the end I don't understand people have a problem compare that to other you know she's on the it's not the direct comparison but you invoked that argument you invoked a racial portion component to it with the name that you call Mike mac I'm not gonna be offended so called me a cracker I don't care I'm not offended by it but you're invoking something when you do that your your seer pivoting the conversation to that you're attempting to be insulting by it. I'm a laugh thank you for using it but I mean yeah you know so I had the the the is the Jew swore the squeeze at this point nice reference yeah is I mean is it a total brown has all the tell more but that's always been the fake. here's the thing the Pittsburgh Steelers they said you know what they tell it is no longer worth the headache. and they traded him away for next to nothing in the end the Steelers action Monica steel thanks for all the people of all the people that were like a third to fifth yeah man but look at look at the live the raiders yes is there were you know the Steelers all you got ripped off their pick your pocket the Steelers signal we traded for a bar soap so we could wash our hands we want to get out as good we want to get out of this deal we want we want to get him out of this building and and you posted something earlier today that I I think bears repeating I mean how good is Mike Tomlin looking all there is there anybody stock three fire last couple days of Mike Tom how did how did Mike Tomlin keep that locker room together and keep a be on the field look he hasn't played a down for the raiders yet you know this reminds me of Titus young Titus young yeah Boise absolutely but just a massive disconnect between what he thought he was and what everybody else thought his behavior was. I just I don't get it may just look and I'm not I'm not one of those guys who says shut up and play football I'm not that guy do yourself a trainer live out loud I do it. I do I get you started don't understand where it is that you come from the your Dick this is the pixelation are you are you so our again do you think of it. if there's no way that you can be slightly wrong and something. yeah we were coming up with a brand new team your teammates already I've texted from your teammates do they think you're weird. this story was breaking up talking to people in the locker room when they had the general managers back not yours are rare that is. hello. no more games. what games but your post what's a day you're playing games the thing about it is it it rings true to what we already knew about him even with the tearful apology what he said to the media today it's all PS it's all be as it's all show and and friend Tony brown. how do you come back from this you you have a tearful apology with the captains in the locker room you're you're begging for forgiveness give a man a man conversation we hear with Mike may I ask. and then after that. this this is this is the way you go about it. for real Hey it's coming up real yeah all right three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five you want to react to this five six six nine zero we have a another poll question up Anthony rod go ahead. on Twitter at K. away news okay a Colorado look at me with a be posting the video just now featuring a phone conversation with Jon Gruden do you think AB will ever played down with the raiders know what the final nail in the coffin or yes this will pass go vote we got a couple a couple good text. all right good Texan once is Benjamin explanation eighties mentality victim mentality meets a narcissist there's a limit to that I I I I mean my personal belief is something of a close to that so says you're you're missing the millennial victim mentality muse nurses to it's as simple. says his himself because he is a big help to screams of brain injury with his money he needs a treatment plan I I'm not saying there's I mean like I'm not qualified to diagnose somebody's medical stuff yeah out here in the radio booth but I'll say like it gets you wondered about that it does I feel bad for the guy. I feel bad for a few. for him because I feel like his view and his perception of who and what he is is so radically different from the rest of us. thank you do is out of touch with reality. I I feel bad for because he didn't see that these put this video that's where he sees himself. you already had a team quit all you. an organization that's held up as the standard in the end of the Steelers are considered a top notch organization and they quit on you. the same organization kept around guys like Plaxico breasts. when you. I don't know man I I like I don't know what else to say. welcome back in this site will keep reacting to this you can is up three oh three seven three eighty five eighty five five six six nine zero Broncos country tonight right Evers Benjamin Albright okay away. it was a big first week.

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