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Going without their salaries some Lakers Dwight yes our closing two of their four pulls at home we can't have this listed for the cost for just the cost of a midsize Connecticut vacation home per hour you could support a Los Angeles Laker forward in these hard times there are unnamed letters that are selling one of their forties cars Mercedes Selig already get a girl yeah this is like we have her on the line as we go to sharyl is there a waiting area and we're gonna talk about the walking dead and I know there's a lot of freaky fans of the walking dead she's got a brand new series that's supposed to be spectacular friend tree to Stephen Covey Steven's wife Susan loves this new show okay cancel that yeah this is our business but also many great shows not just walking dead she was on a show that I watch called the protocol prison break which was hit was insane within about two brothers all my gosh it was just crazy good yeah it was about two brothers right yep and one gets thrown in jail on purpose to try to crack get him out he had tattoos I well I haven't seen prison I'm not gonna watch it it's addictive mad as we bring and several Oria I'm well how are you guys were doing fantastic here in Louisville Kentucky which by the way Kentucky is where not only Jerry Bruckheimer who you've worked with but also the authors of the walking dead a live right here in Kentucky and I gotta ask you we want to talk about your new show because it's fantastic but I want to ask you when you're on the walking dead and you have that iconic role of playing Lori Grimes the one thing about walking dead is nobody say nobody and that includes the stars which you are one of the stars what was that feeling like when they slide the script across the table and you realize all good lord they're gonna kill off my character it had to be gut wrenching well I'll tell you what it's not called the walking living so I think we all we only one way to end I got to say you know the way I was told there was so much greater than that yeah hi add it up just being grateful our show runner at the time Glenda Dara called me from his car on the way to the airport and he was going to another staff that and he said that's what I wanted you to hear that from me because I'm your boss and that this is the right way to do it well I'm letting you know that we're writing off the show and I went hi whatever how's your mom and we all know that that's incredible I am make sure that I heard about it and what he thought was a proper way he can't be mad at that yeah I mean like I respect that decision I respect the courtesy I'm a big girl you know I'll find another job okay and you have a dog yes brilliant job in it and as you get that note do you think to yourself okay you know I'm a better character than Maggie and you know Daryl wasn't even in the comic books how about somebody else no actually I mean when I got the script I discovered that they were gonna as I was told they were gonna tell tell him that up with those and that bugs me so I I I raised a small war about that one because I thought you know what she's been under use she's been under written Melissa McBride is one of the best actors on television this is ridiculous so I didn't really I mean honestly I'm kind of an idiot it never crossed my mind to sort of kick up a fuss about myself but I was feeling about what was that and you know enough people worry that they end up changing the minds of keeping her on the show I think that is a win that's great a lot of the shows they come and go but that one I think he's got the fanatics like crazy and I think is it kind of weird every once in awhile people can't separate you from the character in other ways that you've had other roles and you have this one of counseling death of dads but this one obviously is going to stick around for you and your career like people will know you for that one for years correct well it's it's weird sometimes but people can't separate you from your character and obviously there are times when that uncomfortable but I'll tell you within a minute amazing it's before walking down I was on prison break and I played a doctor and in my personal life I do a lot of refugee work and I was in northern Iraq in two thousand and thirteen working with Syrian refugees and the prison break with Eugene at least which I didn't really know if I got there but they were all of these women welcome women in the refugee camps who did not have many other women to talk to Hey they talked to me like I was their family doctor but they are closer to me so deeply with that character but they told me all kinds of things they hadn't told anyone else in the camp before because we were able to address their female medical needs in a way that they hadn't been met before okay you know then that makes it all worth it right like if you can be of some stupid small service because that's also a real doctor fine I'll take the rest but I want to talk about this new show you got because it's really good it and you've got a hell of a track record here I mean you prison break which was phenomenal but my wife and I binge watch that it was just crazy good then of course walking dead that's it's still going right now but that the tell us about this account to a debt how do you land that job we have the the coming across your desk well I'll tell you what I had been thinking for a long time I want to put something different into the world I put a lot of violence in the world and that's okay the world felt like a safer place I was actively looking for something that would kind of give me a chance to explore the other side of humanity which of the like standing up for each other and really being there and raising kids and community and I would I figured I'd have to create it so I will full bore on writing directing producing I wasn't thinking about acting and the script set up and they said give it a read but I let it and it made me cry and it made me laugh and I thought this is exactly what I want to put into the world and left with the writers Tony and Joan and I learned that the story is so personal to them I mean this is a story about a family that does not look like the Waltons right right we've got adopted kids we've got transgendered kids we've got stabbed him we've got kids of different races who cares for family or family because we choose to step up for each other and that was the story so personal to them and the way they raise their children but I was like oh I got to do that we but we I love it we've actually got to get to break but before we let you go speaking of family it seems like you guys were such a tight knit group on the walking dead are you still in contact with any of fellow actors and actresses there yeah I mean I you know I talked to John I don't know a couple times a week probably and and then I was just on Skype with our kids the other day because I grew up together basically on that show and you know I hear from Norman I Justin Jeff Jeffrey dean Morgan's the show actually about Friday night in the Morgan yeah I mean it's weird I've met a lot of people who I never even worked with on the show and they become friends people like Jeffrey dean Morgan which is kind of cool it's a beautiful family yeah how did you feel if you still watch the show when Jeffrey dean Morgan bashed in the head of Abraham and Glenn I gotta be honest I never watch the show I get scared really voice the nightmare right I never watched it but you know I mean it I don't think stuff like that real personally I'm I've heard people say all kinds of meetings and Jeff because of how much they love both of them you know what live by this is still out with a nice guy yes Sir we love your Kentucky and don't be a stranger okay thank you so much thank you so much you guys be safe out there there you go by the way the debut episode of her new show council of dad's Thursday night at nine eight central nice all right so that.

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