President Trump, VP, Pillsbury discussed on Herman Cain


Change and so that's one out became part of the burger king cooperation cooked pillsbury owned burger king along with a number of other businesses and the president of the company to talk with me when i told him that i wanted to be president of one of those berries businesses one day uh his first response was are you looking for my job harmon i said no no no no must while another look not looking for your job but he said that we needed some management some leadership longterm in our restaurant division burger king so i went and talk to the people the burger king and i had to give up my vp title had to give up my into a park and had to give up the bonuses up i was getting a vp of pillsbury which i was in that job by the way for about three or four years to get all that stuff done and the and went on with the burger king they put me in a restaurant and hit the bar in all the various positions in the restaurant work my way on a fast track program into the burger king organization which i did ended up managing them burger king restaurants and then after about six months in training then they move me to the philadelphia region i was a vp so i had to give up vp job and go back to another vehbija work my way it back up the debt and they're one day i got the call we like for you to become president godfathers pizza fc it wow but as result of not only hardworking working performance but also timing well in.

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