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To the chairman of the company Eddie Lampert for over five billion dollars that deal expected to close tomorrow and humanitarian aid from the US waiting to enter Venezuela semi trailers with emergency food and medicine arrived at the Colombia Venezuela border town of Kakuta it's unclear if they'll be allowed individuals. Raila as president Medeiros military continues to block the bridge. The US does not see Madero as the president of Venezuela anymore. Instead, they believe one Guido is the president last year Bellevue based T mobile ask the Trump administration to green light. It's mega merger with sprint. The Washington Post reports that since then t mobile exacts have spent many nights in President Trump's Washington DC hotel post business reporter Jonathan O'Connell is on the story. He spoke with komo's Rick van Cise Jonathan how many nights are we talking about it? And why is the significant? Well, the second part, I it significant because obviously T mobile and sprint had proposes deal for both companies it requires settle approval and the day that the companies announced it in April last year. The next night people began staying at for the president's hotel, and what we know which is probably incomplete because we're working off of an incomplete records the hotel. We know that so far executives, including John ledger. The CEO has stayed at least fifty two nights at the president's hotels and the assumption is to further I guess, you might say become favorable to the Trump administration. But do we know if the president has even been aware of those hotel stays, we do not know? And actually, that's a great point because you know, one is alleging here that T mobile is, you know, trying to put their finger on the Leverett here or curry some saver. You know, that strategy only works if somehow the ministration officials or the president even aware of this. And we don't know if he is or is not which is probably what comes next in terms of people asking for for more information. We're talking with Jonathan McConnell with the Washington Post Jonathan this is all happening as congress puts a magnifying glass on the proposed merger here. Right. So since we first reported on this earlier this year, you know, just this week Senator Warren from us juice, and obviously from Seattle Representative who's on the house committee on financial issues or dish area. Excuse me. They both are started asking questions both to the president's company, the Trump organization and to t mobile executives about how these hotel bookings happened. And specifically if members of the Trump administration were made aware of them or were coordinated them in some way, and we don't have answers yet in your reporting. Have you had a chance to hear from t mobile? What do they have to say? Well, you don't actually spoke with Mr. ledger. The CEO. Of people at the hotel a few weeks ago. And you know, I think he was a little surprised us have become a big surprise. Anyway, this would become a big issue. He said he was very comfortable the hotel, and it is he said, it was convenient to the department of Justice, which it is it is it is blocks away from the department of Justice. So, you know, his his reasoning is it's a nice hotel. He's comfortable there and a big deal. And I actually.

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