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Lend itself to a hundred two hundred pages or so. I have a website. Which is marc randolph dot com. That's marc with a c. n. p. h. at the end of the randolph And there you get a link to my blog and all that and i am on twitter at mb ran often instagram at. That'll never work linked in. And if you can't figure it. If lincoln will then you've got a different issue. Ask mark fake. It has just been such a joy to talk with you. I mean this was like a a masters class in really entrepreneurship. In man to you was a bucket list thing life and the bookie so fabulous than we can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who's even considering starting their own company and want some encouragement. I love vibe that you have there. Yeah really great tone agenda laura. I am a believer. And i'm show glad he gave me the chance to share this to share this with you and with your listeners to we really appreciate it. Our thanks to marc randolph. Again his book is called. That will never work. The birth of net flicks and the amazing life of an idea and his website is marc randolph. Dot com and mark is spelled with a c. I'm jan black. And i'm laura owens you're listening to. Nobody told me. Thank you so much for joining.

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