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Boy nice. I'm a hit out there. Then I so. Holler at your boy, Jon Gruden here. What Mr. former raider so patiently that working out calamari? Correct. They signed Isaiah Crowell last week. They're potentially signing Robert turban at running back, the less focus on this kind of Murray thing because we talked about it a little bit you, and I guess about how he would want to work out. Kyla murray? Even though he had committed to Derek Carr. So what's in the cards here? What kind of hand is Gruden plane. He's just basically just doing due diligence. I'm going to continue to keep saying this from now until April twenty fifth at five PM, George in Nashville, Tennessee, Roger Goodell will walk out on stage and tell everybody the Arizona Cardinals are on the clock. Right. Once that happens. That's when the real stuff starts going all the things that you say right now, this is just part of the process, you're just doing everything possible. Because the thing about George I've I haven't sat in these meetings, which right now cautioned twenty two thousand dollars, by the way, that's the way. What do you mean little side note story so the surf forty Niners right are offering or auction off a football experience. And so it's sold for twenty two thousand dollars for two fans to sit until the San Francisco forty Niners Warwick, oh in the draft. Okay. So I want to sit in the war room, man, McVay and less let into the war room. They got the way to longtime chargers leading Cal. Yeah. This is what the hell I won't say anything. I mean, I'm a professional. We'll see what less will let you do even got. No. I don't want to do this because they don't even have. They don't have that many picks got thirty one. No, I guess there. So you can see just what's going on. Now. I stick around for thirty one and then wrote his legal vein despise just the first day anyway. So you just see how it works. But what what the raiders are doing is what you're supposed to do in my experience from talking with many coaches and cultural coach me, and I would always ask them in the off season. Hey, y'all doing up into these? I man got another mock draft today. Yeah. Mock draft like that's what hyper and mcshea that. No, no, no. We do a mock draft as a group, meaning all of our personnel. People coaches managers to aware like how many how deep the whole thing. Seven rounds. Yeah, they go a couple of days. Okay. Okay. So basically, the w- the raiders are at four right? And they're going to say, hey, fellas. Look. If errors ONA takes Boza Cuyler Murray. Right. Because the word was out that might be one of the guys they're looking at. So they're playing all scenario planning scenario, raiders, correct? Yes. So the raiders are they take? So let's start with you said Bosa Sogo, Arizona takes Bosa. I right. Who's number two sanctuary for all the Niners? Don't need a quarterback. They don't need a quarterback. So they can go D line. So the raiders are like our who's three the jets yet. Inter inter quarterback quarterback drafted Sam. So now, you're like oh in if collar Murray, quote, unquote, falls to you at four right? Do you take him or do you trae? And you've are, and you know, there's some quarterback thirsty team. Right. And you've done your homework and you've worked the kid out. So, you know, the potential of what he could be in the future if the raiders didn't work them out. They wouldn't have this Intel. Now, they've you basically done it all it's like out there. If you're going to go out and buy a new car, I gotta do a little bit. Yeah. I got I got a fan. Messina man, they got show, man. Like, I haven't had a car payment and ten years. I'm just being honest, which I just take care of my cars, I've got a bottom longtime ago, John Ireland. He does the same thing. I don't need the dome. So look so and as I'm speaking real quick just reminder, make sure to stay tune for Lakers talk with Alin tonight at eight PM. Alex Russo would join the show Lakers..

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