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Morton, Orlando, Harvard discussed on Orlando's Morning News with Joe Kelley


The government missed the chance to get doctors from across the us to fly to puerto rico and perhaps saved many of the lives lost after hurricane maria democrat alan grayson says congress could have approved a good samaritan law that would have presented anybody who wanted to hear his time puerto rico from being held liable for anything that michael gone he says the government could then have engaged the medical community of a million doctors to give care on the island was a failure of leadership that prevent it from happening a harvard study released yesterday set the hurricane related death toll it over forty six hundred joe ruble news ninety six point five wdbo brother of orlando police chief john mina is going to appear before a judge this morning on charges of sexual battery on an underage girl fifty one year old edward meena was arrested yesterday he's accused of sexual battery on a child under twelve now chief mina has responded in a statement saying quote these are extremely serious and disturbing criminal allegations at this time i am most concerned with the welfare and the privacy of the child involved george zimmerman scheduled the arraigned tomorrow on charges a criminal stalking he'll be represented by a private lawyer last week a judge granted george zimmerman a public defender after zimmerman claimed he made no money and owed more than two million dollars in debt but yesterday hey we found out he hired a private lawyer investigators say zimmerman sent threatening messages to someone working on a documentary about trayvon martin silverman as you know quitted in morton's murder back in twenty thirteen kevin reviews news ninety six point five wdbo it is the last day of school for kids and orange county schools expect traffic to be a little lighter after today the malls maybe a little busier we've got a reporter out and about and we will update you later this morning and it's a video game that had some of you talking and feel an angry that is unbelievable that should be stopped for publication what is this world coming to the video game active shooter that would allow players to be a school shooter or swat team member has been pulled the video game company volve issued a statement saying quote we are not going to do business with people who act like this towards our customers so that's a very good thing a.

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