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Let's check sports at the nubian w toyota sports says this afternoon chris rabi we are getting ready to talk some hockey mark going to be joined by david perron and ryan reilly night blues with a big big sunday as they signed centers cow bosak also david baron his third stint with the blues they traded for ryan o'reilly david perron winning that cup and now he's going to hang out with the blues and you know what he said he was he was hurt and kind of a chip on his shoulder after he was left unprotected in the expansion draft last year he wants to come back to the blues signed a deal with them a couple of years ago and then said he was surprised when they called him whenever they call them and other rules about when you can talk about you he was surprised but he's back he's excited to be back his daughter was born here in saint louis so they're thrilled at they're coming back to the city so we'll hear from david we'll hear from ryan o'reilly as well and we'll get ready for the cardinals and diamondback seven forty five amran total access eight forty the first pitch from the desert carlos martinez against robbie ray the redbirds coming off that big big series win last week over cleveland then they turn around and get swept by the atlanta braves now just forty two and forty five and a half games behind milwaukee in the national league central and president of baseball operations john was they lack says they have struggled to find consistency especially offensively you look at this club overall when you when you use the word consistency you can almost point to almost every aspect of our team right now because sometimes it's you're not getting it from the starting pitching sometimes you're not getting it from the bullpen sometimes you're not getting it from a defensive standpoint some guys you're clearly not getting in from an offensive standpoint so i see the frustration i understand it and it's it's upon us to try to figure out how to get their first of three games against the diamondbacks and four and san francisco against the giants before heading to take on the white sox for two it'll be tyler o'neil joining the team today's dexter fowler is on paternity leave for the latest follow us on facebook twitter and instagram but came while exports can married sports tonight at six fifteen and then cardinals and diamondbacks tonight i'm chris rabi as as bad as that stretch has been here losing the fourgame i think the cartels are lucky they're only five and a half back milwaukee's scuffled as well like to hear that from travelgate thank you chris and look forward.

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