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The political fallout from CBS senior White House, correspondent major Garrett lows close to, the president described. Him as feeling under siege, not from critics he certainly used to that but from events he can neither control nor fully anticipate and, the plea, agreement reached, by former friend fixture an. Attorney? Michael Cohen false distinctly into that category why because it undercuts previous denials about knowledge of campaign hush money and suggests the Trump campaign had knowledge of and at some, level participated in Cohen's now confessed misdeeds aboard Air Force One. Last night on the way to West Virginia the president watched television coverage of the Manafort. Convictions. In brooded about their future potential impact, legally they're not troublesome directly for the president but they do give a sense that the, Muller investigation is both serious and legally competent and that could undercut some of the president's. Increasingly, strident criticism of Muller and his team. Now the president's only The real option is, as one close associates said pretend he never knew Manafort or Cohen that will be difficult their relationships fully well documented, another complication for the president in, this midterm political. Climate the number of people, close to him who either pled guilty been convicted or implicated in wrongdoing continues to multiply now back in, June the, president said, it was too early to. Think? About or discuss pardons for Cohen or Manafort nothing from the president or the White House on that topic after a day of sensational legal setbacks baddies CBS correspondent major, Garrett Rangers lost again in Oakland get shut out again second. Second straight night they lost a six nothing last night and with another football season about. To. Begin money-wise magazine is out with a, list of the ten worst stadiums in the NFL okay do you tell is you don't, want to go to see a game Raymond James stadium in Tampa they've got that cool. Pirate, ship but that's It's, too hot Out in the. Sun and Tampa I've been to college games down there and it's it's a nice state Bank of America stadium in Charlotte. Is number nine I'm going there working up gonna go their. Labor Day. Weekend all right. We'll be prepared then Paul Brown stadium in Cincinnati is, on the list the Tennessee titans stadium, in Nashville stadium the Cleveland Browns stadium made the list and the, worst five Jacksonville I like hot again the chargers little minor league stadium that they've got while they wait for. Their, new, one oh yeah. That's on there the. Coliseum. Not good really you're just out baking in the. Sun FedEx field that's Washington Redskins real hard. To, get to. Okay Harry expensive and the worst of the worst is gonna be playing in it for a. Couple more years it's. The Oakland Raiders Alameda County. Coliseum probably really old yeah. It's. Pretty ranking sixty, six I think it's pretty old that's. A few years it's, seven fifteen we have traffic. And weather together on the eighth coming. Up and then hey we've had a couple of major earthquakes one off the coast of America we'll.

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