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Chris Evans, Captain America, Cody Mcmahon discussed on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show


Well, the reason I asked about entourage was they did a years ago twelve thirteen twelve years ago on the show the storyline. Was that Vincent? Chase was making aquaman. Oh, wow. The movie and Jim James Cameron was directing it and psych can't believe it's finally coming to fruition. I wouldn't be surprised if that scene from entourage. Some dude was in his mansion doing a little bit of rowdy powder. Yep. And that's how he got the idea to make aquaman. I wouldn't doubt it. Yeah. Honest to God. Wouldn't they made? It look pretty cool too. There's a fake scene in the movie. Look I happen to been in that episode of entourage. That's not what I'm here to talk about. We're not here to talk about me. I do wait. I guess starring career wet wet movie. Was I wanna say not another not another teen movie? You were in that. Okay. Yeah. There was not ever. That was did you have a couple pals and was one of them like a red head, dude. Okay. The two pals ahead in the movie played by Cody McMahon's and Sam Huntington. I guess Cody could kind of may be mistaken for ginger. I think at the time he had kinda lighter hair. Okay. God I. I think you had another side kicking another movie that I got a car wreck with what was it? Eric young, man. Kind of ginger. Yeah. Yeah. Think he's also not another teen movie. Just not one of my films. Okay. In the thing. Vendor? Vendor with it. I mean, I. Oh. Was leaving Conan. I did stand up on it three years ago. And right as and so I've always thought that's in life. When something good happens. I'm like, well, this is going to get balanced out by something bad happening thing. I'm afraid of kind of thought especially as a kid boy. Well, two good things happen today. Someone's gonna punish yourself. Yeah. And sure enough I am we're just out of red light parked behind him. When I was in a Honda hit Honda fit like one of those tiny cars with our next girlfriend driving. And this guy hit us. He must've been texting or something. There was I think a good thing was there is no sound of breaks, but it accordion this car into. That guy's Jeep in front of us. And then he wasn't insured and I walked funny for a while. Now, I have a fake hip. There were a lot of twists and turns in that story. The end. I keep them at the end. Yeah. M night. Shyamalan funny stories. Turns out I was the one driving car. Do you know what just occurred to me? It was probably Chris Evans. He's also in that movie. And that's what happened captain America. That's how I know him and continue to hang out with him. Because we workout at the same gymnasium and have a similar body. I think you mean, physical therapy. I tweeted something about never being able to plug in a USB cord, right? The first time always text me three times. I thought that was funny. Three tries. Yep. Because of course, it would be to end it was a long I didn't get to the point. But Chris Evans liked it. But then again like it. And then he tweeted something very similar nights. Like, hey weird. I thought that the other day, and then, but no, that's the strangest thing happened is all these people start attacking me because they're. He doesn't like Chris Ed loves captain, America's the best. He's funny. He's got oh. I really let that one go like hearing this and frankly at my next Sunday brunch with the entire cast on another teen movie price. I assume you you I will bring it up to him. I'm gonna get to the bottom of this for you..

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Chris Evans, Captain America, Cody Mcmahon discussed on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show

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