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Maybe they are trying to build for the future and casten here it could be again like how Marin Cada is what the white sox and how diverse with the red sox kind of worn those forefront guys in these on these. Teams that have young guys young players that are not experienced not matured, and as a result you know you get the, you get a six and fifteen start like the red sox have or whenever you give it a couple of years and you could flip that around very very easily, and so I think hasn't here is going to be somebody for the brewers that is going to definitely get it going sooner rather than later. So the way I would re rank this ranking. would be if you know if it were all based off of career so far and potential, I have to put cody bellinger at first too strong of a hitter to ignore and to not put at first not to mention an MVP. So he would be first on my list and again I'm basing this off of careers and and potential. So it's both button the forefront as careers. No question number two, one, Soto next to Carl Lewis being sick I think you know this was the next legitimate ranking from MLB DOT COM number three Fernando Totti's junior no question a top three player. If he puts together an MVP or at least has a three hundred plus season, he will be in the conversation with these three guys for years to come and really I mean. Yet this year is better than Belcher. Yeah. I will say that one hundred percent but I think that we're going off overall career performance and what they've done leading up to this I, think cody bellinger has just done way more than Fernando Totti's has and again. You know good two three years younger than him and has not been in the League as long. So he's got some room to grow and some room to improve, and he could surpass bellinger in the NHL in the NFL west number four. Boba. Shat. Great Bat a lot of potential I, really like what I have to have seen out of. Number five Ronald the junior ruge fielder really hit her and he has a lot of room to grow and he's on a very talented team. So again, we'll bring more attention to him and I think that we all him all these Ozzy. Obvious. There was another guy that was left offer. This list that I think could have made it also because again, he's another very good young player for the braves but Ronald Kunia junior he's fantastic. So I'd have to spite him in at number five, number six kyle, Lewis I like the spot he's at six. I think he could go up even higher if he keeps up putting the numbers, he has number seven Raphael. Denver's although he is struggling I think he would be a great player for years to come no question about it. Number Eight. Hazies Lazardo young star for the athletics has already pitched. Well, this year he's gotten some reps in you know last year too. So He's getting started in his career, which is always a great sign especially at with how young he is number nine Dustin. May I mean Great Combo of strikeouts mixed with ground out from this guy? which is always a deadly deadly Combo and the number ten rounding out the top ten Yawn Mocatta I mean I. Think this is a potential. He has the potential to be a star in this league and is already well on his way and I, think that you know yeah it might not be not might not be the year. He's happy he had last year that he's having this year but still I mean to be twenty five and still doing as well as he is and that he showing a sign of improvement at I mean he's on the Up and up for sure. So those are the ten best young players I feel in the league right now in players who would make a big impact down the road and really the future of the MLB. So that'll wrap it up for this segment folks. Thanks for sticking around. Stay right there because we'll be right back after this commercial break for the final segment today where I will run through my top homerun. Derby. Over the last ten plus years and which ones I have very fond memories of watching..

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