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Oh, boy, follow me on Twitter, some of your tweets as well at Ethan Bearman this next one. It's. This is a problem. This is a problem. We, you know, I'm not a big fan of boycotts. You do know that right? I don't like big group organized boycotts, unless there's just really agree GIS behavior that otherwise it's just up to you as an individual us choose to spend your money, and I think that that's more powerful than a vote. But I am I'm concerned about the giants in this one is article in the Sacramento bee on it. It's it's all over the news. You saw this. One of the principal owners of the San Francisco Giants Charles b Johnson. Now, I don't know him from Adam. I don't know. I like the giants. I enjoy going to games at AT and T park, especially afternoon games in the summer with my son fun. Great park. I'm not just I'm just not into baseball as much as I it's to me. It's still the greatest I think that's the best sport. I just do. That's me personally. But did you see what he did? And now this is gonna be a public relations problem for the giants. Just like all the violence from the Niners players for the Niners. Okay. You saw this Charles Johnson. Okay. I say let me tie this in. Remember you? Did you hear about this? Cindy hyde. Smith president's been tweeting about her. She's the greatest thing Amerson slice, Brad. And you know, how successful is tweets are. But now he's going to Mississippi to go help out this controversial US Senator because well, no, she kind of likes them Lynch. Come on Mississippi. I've been in rural Mississippi I've flown into Jackson driven off to the Choctaw reservation. Gone and had lunch at a country club. And I'm I was even in the army before ever experienced. That was my first experience to racism, honestly, was at basic training. It was because everybody factions off. And I was like, wait. What some I was this weird kind of apparently. So very socially liberal kid from Minnesota. Everybody's equal. I don't care what your skin color is. Why are you people acting like this toward one another? I just didn't get it. That was my first exposure. Oh, boy, though, I had never seen anything like going to rural Mississippi. I was working for a software company. I had to go to a manufacturing company. I'm just gonna say that much often rural Mississippi, and we went and had lunch. The white general manager took me to lunch. At a country club. And it was fantastic. I was like, oh, well, this is great. I've never done anything. Like how fun? Let's go have lunch. And the wait staff, and the helpers whatever were African American for the most part, I have their full twenty three and me genetic tests. So I can't tell you exactly what their genetic breakdown. But generally speaking, they were dark skinned and this white general manager would not look at them. And then even bother you saying things like, please. And thank you, which is how I was raised you say, please. And thank you. And you look at people when you order your food or you ask for something not there. It didn't happen. Not with that guy. Not toward anybody who worked for him either. It was awkward sitting in some of those meetings. And it's so that's Mississippi to me, some wonderful people I met some great people Mississippi to I'm just telling you, I explained my worst racist experiences. When I first saw them were in rural Mississippi where Cindy Hyde Smith is he? Controversial US Senator who said things like well, I don't know November eleventh video of her surfaced in which she expressed her fondness for local rancher by saying. And I quote if he invited me to a public hanging. I'd be there in the front row. Nope. That is not an expression that anybody who has any knowledge of the horrific history of the state of Mississippi lynching black people and Jews who came down during the civil rights movement to support them. You wouldn't say something you just don't say things, you don't say that. If you have a conscience on this issue. You don't do it. And she's made it worse for herself. She's posed for photographs of wearing a replica the hat worn by confederate soldiers her, you know, day, Jim crow. Well, guess what? Principal owner of the San Francisco Giants Charles b Johnson and his wife Anne each contributed. The maximum allowable federal contribution of twenty seven hundred dollars to this Senator from Mississippi who has expressed all kinds of racist tendencies. Racism. It's a problem. And if you somehow grew up and live in the state of Mississippi represent the state of Mississippi in the United States Senate, and you don't understand any aspect of the problem of the history of violence with public hangings. You have no right to the United States. Senator none whatsoever and Charles Johnson. Principal owner, the San Francisco Giants and his wife gave the maximum political contribution to her. What's her name's Cheryl, Hyde Smith, whatever Senator Hyde Smith? Horrible. And now Corning to if at the Sacramento bee Marcos Bretagne, that's a that's a great name, by the way.

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