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The United Center tonight looking for their first road win, while the Hawks they just want to win period high and everyone John Weidman, along with Troy Murray and Chris Boden, we want to welcome you into our broadcast and Welcome you back to the United Center. It's been a long time. Troy. Since I've been able to see that March 11th of 2020 when the Blackhawks played the San Jose Sharks and seemed like the world shut down after that, we had no more games to talk about here. He eventually did get to work during the summer in the playoffs, which was cool. And then finally, this season came back around in the month of January, and we're all happy about it. It's great to see them playing hockey on this ice surface right now, and it troubles our hearts to know that the greatest fans in hockey are not among us here. That's going to come in time. But for tonight we have an original six rivalry that I know you was a player love to take part in. Welcome back, but well, thank you. I remember that, like it was yesterday. The N B A. If you recall it. Postponed their season that night breaking news that the MBA was postponing their season. So you knew something was gonna happen, But I don't think anybody had a clue. But but what? Actually Was going to happen just an incredible amount of time here that we've dealt with this pandemic and it's not over yet. And we wish everybody who was dealt with the issue. All the best in every way. I know from heartbreak and It's just been tough. But we're happy to be back here at the United Center, doing what we love to do, and that's called the games and I'm excited to see this rivalry blossom again this season, the first of eight between these two Original six rivals, and for so many years I was a part of it in the old North division throughout the eighties and The Blackhawks. The older players were a part of it while they were still in the same division, so it's changed a little bit. Obviously, you don't see him all that much. But I'm excited for this opportunity here at the United Center to see these two teams play. It's a very meaningful game. Um, Red Wings is we've talked about it, Chris said to wood to all on home Ice Blackhawks getting their first taste here at the United Center looking for their first victory, so should be exciting. Should be good. Now it is the home opener, and that means that there are ceremonies involved before the start of the action here tonight, right now. Members of the team that are primarily part of the taxi squad being introduced right now, and some injured players taking part in this. It's great to see Brent Seabrook come to the Blackhawks bench and give a wave to everybody. He's dealing with back issues will get to his segment here in a minute, along with That of John Seabrook could wave to the crowd. The young guys, they can't That would be a little too much. That's right. That's exactly right. Well, let's get to some sponsored items right now, starting with the injury report it sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, the card to carry through it all. I'll go ahead and start with veteran Brent Seabrook. He is on injured reserve with back issues and we're hoping he'll he left real soon would be great to see him back in the lineup and of course long term injured. Reserve for Alex. Knee Lander. Jonathan Tapes, Blackhawks captain And Kirby Doc, all with different ailments. We wish all of those gentlemen all the best and hope to see them back into the line up real soon, and now the Blackhawks regular players introduced down below us on the ice surface. Let out of the tunnel by Blackhawks goaltender Malcolm Suban and followed by Colin Delia, Kevin Lankan and then companies. So it Z gonna continue on as it usually does the kid. Let's get to tonight's keys to the game. Troy if we can, they're sponsored by Bud Light. Hey, there's a Bud light there. Go get him with the keys. Thanks, John, the first key And they kind of talked about this. They want to get off to a really good start here. You know, they played four games on the road. They're back home. Familiar surroundings. Get off to a good start. That's that's the key here, and the second key is they don't want to chase this game. They haven't had the lead, but about half a minute. Yeah. This so they they just can't keep chasing the game. Get off to a good start score the first goal. Don't fall behind and then chased the game. I mean, everything has to adjust and Jeremy College and has to look at his vengeance. And try and figure out where he's going to get those goals from where you're gonna have that comeback ability in the last game. They did it a couple times, but you don't want to keep put yourself in that position. The third key is keep working on the defensive structure. Still too many breakdowns Jeremy Collins and talks about it. Is there still a work in progress, and that's true, but I thought we saw some signs that it was heading in the right direction in the last game, and hopefully they continue that here in their own and tonight and play better. Defensive. All right. Thanks for those keys. Try it. Now at the the Introductions. Continue way see some new faces in the lineup in these these guys have played four games together, all on the road down in Tampa, and, of course down in South Florida. Team record now old, three and one, But trending, I'll say are the Blackhawks in the correct direction. They picked up their first point in that last game down there went to overtime. I think that their confidence is built with each passing games. Yeah, and you look at these. These younger players that they organization really wants to get a look at it. They actually made a move. To give these guys another opportunity. Brandon period was sent to the taxi squad. Carl Soderberg is with the team skated yesterday for the first time. You know when he's available, he's going to fit in there. Everybody was kind of. Well, you know Jeremy Collins and said, You know, we want to see what the young guys could do. And yet you're saying OK, Well, Brandon period didn't sent to the taxi squad. And Carl, Sir Soderbergh is with the team. Um He wasn't talking about all sort of burden. When he made those comments he was talking about what a few suitor has done, and Philip Curtis shatters done. You want to see them because you know what Brandon period could do. And.

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