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Kate O'donnel is our guests were talking about iron Veda. Ah, And I hope Kate that this is the beginning of ah of more conversations because there's there's truly only so much we can uncover in this hour. But there are a lot of opportunities that that you're affording people, at least in the Boston area to meet and talk to you at more length. Can you talk about how the education that you have had over the past two decades or so is something that you're bringing two people who are interested in learning more. Chance and teaching workshop. You know, around Boston for probably 15 years now and everywhere in the world, now my books in six languages, so it's pretty exciting actually to work different communities around the world. The what I started to do involved, and I think we're in our fourth year at the Boston Ira Veda school, which we've created a six month training where it's one weekend a month for six months where people can learn a lot, the basics for health care, understanding your own constitution. How to use the food for yourself and for your family. As well sort of daily routine. Ira Veda has very specific practices and ways of living that involved things like exercise and sleep as well as the diet. So we cover all that over the course of six months. She is a great way for people who are local. Boston. Really? To learn kind of everything you need to know to take care of yourself and the school extend you, Khun Go on for another 12 months actually into the Arabic health counselor training where it's professional training for people who are interested in being helped out councilors. And additionally you have your three books. Two of them are very comprehensive, very easy, Tio Digest. I love the way you've broken them up. Tell us you know about that process. How you know the difference between the books and if that's a really good way for folks who may not be ready for the in depth training. To start learning more. Absolutely. Yeah, The My first book is called The Everyday Iron Beta Cookbook on DH. It's a seasonal books, So I find that people kind of they pick up the book, and they're learning about iron over the course of the year by kind of working their way through the recipes one season at a time. So the idea is that you're You could just open up The winter section, for example, on view recipes for foods that are warm and moist. Right. So there's more things that have. There's more soups and stews and hot breakfasts in that section of the book, Where then you can open up in summer and you find more fruits and raw vegetables and lighter dishes that feel great, you know, in your body that season, and it's He's gotta complete introduction to the Iron Gate in view of the body and ah lot about. I'm really interested in helping people get in the kitchen because the diet is such an important part of being healthy food that goes into our bodies is actually this the building blocks that make up the tissue of our bodies. So it's like Paramount. How how Well we digest food, So I talk in that first book, a lot about digestion and how it works and how to optimize it. In the second book is every day IRA beta cooking for a calm, clear mind, and that one I sort of tackle the question of the mind the mental system and how food affect our minds and our mood. So there are classifications of food for their food. That kind of little will energize and AMP. You up, and there are foods that will kind of Calm you down, so the recipes are separated out. According to that, so depending on sort of your mood and how your mind is working, you can choose recipes in that book and start getting from a language and a way of understanding and connecting to like I said, What's going on upstairs between the ears defective help? So it's a lot about dealing with stress management and burn out, especially because it's something I see so much in my practice. I really felt like I wanted to tackle the question of burnout, sort of how to rejuvenate. The body after truffle, a stressful period of life. The third book coming out in July, and that one is about the health care routine, which is everyday iron lady got health care, and there are still some recipes in there for home remedies. But the thing about the book that I really stroke to do was to keep the recipes very simple because I found that and this happens to me. I don't know about you, but when I opened up a cookbook If there's like, too many words on the page got closing it before I start cooking. Yeah, back out, you know, And I just kept saying that happened with people with the Iron Age cook books they already owned and they were so keen to learn more about the science and use it. You know, they felt really compelled to use I related to improve their digestion and their their relationship with food. But the rest were just to Dane complicated, So I made him all simple, like everything is like It's probably five ingredients or so for most of the recipes, and they could be completed and like, 20 to 30 minutes, because I know people are busy. I'm not trying to add, like more things to do with your day. I'm trying Teo to make it so you can really we've healthy eating, like right into your life as it is now, So we're taping this inn in winter. It can you share with us? Some of the foods that are goingto help best bring and sort of cultivate balance and maybe also unpack a particular recipe that people will find in your cookbook. Well, one of the one of the favorite winter recipes is actually a tomato based lagoon soup like a lentil soup of sorts, and it comes out like really nice like yellowish..

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