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I love you, linode. Now back to the tech guy show. Leo Laporte the tech guy 88 88 ask Leo, the phone number. Jill on the line from Newport Beach, California. Hi, Jill. Hello. Hello. Welcome. Thank you very much. What can I do for you? So I deleted an old email, and I wanted back. And when I look in my trash, it's more than it was more than a month old. I'm using iCloud on Apple. Okay. So how do you get your email to use the Apple mail program or do you use do you just use their web browser to get it? I use the Apple well where mail program. Okay. So you can also log in and this is your last hope. You can log into iCloud directly. Using a browser. Yeah. I tried that. Okay, and you went in there and. I can look again, but yeah. All right. So let me see if there's anything special you should do. There is a trash bin. And you looked on the web browser, not in Apple mail, but in the web browser to see, you only have 30 days, by the way, to get it. So if it's exactly, if it's more than 30 days, unless but you did look in the trash bin on the web browser? And I get the email itself was over 30 days, but it hasn't been 30 days since I did. Okay, good. Well, since there's nothing in my trash. Oh. So when you delete an email, it's moved to the trash folder in the iCloud mail interface. And it's stored there in the clock starts ticking when you do that. So 30 days from then, so you go to the you go to iCloud dot com on safari, right? This is what you did. You did..

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