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The all worked out at all it but i figured i it per se but talk no i agree they do deserve it um you know i'm glad you brought up the concussion thing too took for ever um you know to come to terms with that you know i came to terms with that when my son was in high school um you know very venture where he became friends sam bradford which plated oh you now plays for the vikings my son knocked him out of the game with a concussion than during the same game believe it or not my son got knocked out of a game with uh with a concussion a you know all the years he played football never injured except the concussion in there and take quite seriously in all and they started uh you know that the manhole thing of hide the helmand and because they want to go back out and play in game go out back alam fuel without a helmet so um you know he in salmon ended up being friends later on same went to putnam city in mice on winter difference cruel but um you know the the concussion thing was a big topic of conversation and if you follow that through college in same went to or you i think oh seven through nine in the new bond kings the hire you went the less discussion it's a know and this is a very serious thing especially to a dad um so you know at the end of the day you know you gonna walk the walk or if you're gonna talk to talk in yeah jerry jones does that a lot that's why he doesn't enjoy a lot of uh you know a lot of good the who law now with jury he's a businessman it's all about money and if you're a businessman i guess it should be but at the end of the day you say one thing and then go out and lock arms were the players you know whoa what what message does that send made it makes no sense and these players you're absolutely right most of them have never worked a regular job or punched her clock or had a workplace manual like they do in the nfl um you know they're a lot of these guys you know i'm not making excuses warm but they have very little life experience.

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