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May divide the audience you may loose and listeners because of that area. It's a very divisive stand. Well, if we're going to lose, the dinosaurs are still walking the earth audience have we really lost? That's the question. You know, I just I'm trying to comprehend what they would think of why. Why would I don't and then again, like the people that it's like a conspiracy theory, like the flat Earth thing was, Oh, I'm convinced they still exist somewhere. So that means like it's a government secret or something or do they are they just like? Haven't thought about it, because why wouldn't you go take a vacation or something? Where you could look at it. You know what I mean? If you thought like if dinosaurs were still roaming the earth Will be pretty damn easy to know where they were when you think like people. Oh, yeah, that's down in the Amazon. That's they're still there, but so I'm guessing 50% think there's some sort of cover up. People believe in cover up, so they never ask the next question. Why? Why would you cover that up? I just listen. Have gone on too long about it because I think as we both know no one listening to this show is dumb enough. To believe. But dinosaurs still roamed the earth. So let's not Let's just move on. No. What about that island off of Costa Rica? Isla Sorna or whatever it was called. You know what? I just feel like I feel like we should just leave this for, you know, listeners to the Bert show or something like that, You know, obviously, that's his listenership. We've got. We've got the other six out of 10 who understand how the world runs. What do you have in headlines? Oh, Eric, this is going to make you a little bit envious. We talked. We opened the show Talk. Tell me. What are you thinking? You don't know me. You don't know this is going to make me a little bit envious. There's always a setup. Do you know? Buckle up, You guys are gonna freak out Well, so we We opened the show, and Eric admitted that he had two donuts before the show because I know that I'm just about to turn that switch. Turn that corner and it's going to be 68 months of no doughnuts. This should be in Inspiration for you. Then headline from the A. J. C. We've gone from envy to inspiration. Well, it should be. Honestly, it's both because listen to this. A 78 year old Atlantan is marking his birthday with a 3000 mile cross country run. He's literally going to go from Los Angeles to Washington, D. C. He already started on May 7th, and he's in the middle of his journey. Now that's his birthday. Isn't he's a May baby like me? So you can do it. Seven. No, I'm not going to do it. No, I won't think about doing that. Well, because listen, I believe in 10,000 steps a day, but I do it in circles. I don't keep walking across the country. It's not my style. Get somewhere Instead, he runs 30 Miles a day. You can do that. Your bill for that? Yeah. You're gonna follow behind me in a pickup truck. So you throw my body into the better the truck and run me to the hospital when That's not sound appealing at all. Well, yeah, for somebody who's sitting around eating Cheetos sitting on your behind. Yeah. Who are you? I'm not. I'm I'm yelling into the mirror. Hey, listen, I don't sit around. I don't sit around on my butt eating. I thought you sit on your butt more than I sit on my butt. Me, That's that's what I think you want to challenge. I want to challenge the but challenge but neat challenge Erik versus that around or we can't say it on the radio. That's correct. The Federal Communications Commission, by the way, which governs this body, But not like I was thinking. Why is he called a commission rather than like the department of, you know, making radio bland. That's it's Yeah, I couldn't ask the commission to keep radio in America Bland. Why are they a commission and not like, uh, You know, like Hud. Should a D in there? It's been around a while. So you know what? Maybe back, you know, in those days when they like the commission sounds a lot more intelligent and a lot better it. Yeah, I don't know. Is it a commission they get together They have, like, you know, Coffee and donuts radio show were ruined today. And what about coalition? Coalition rubber that it's a commission because it is come Coalition Commission coalition is usually private business.

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